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@Rafael Thundercat @Leo Gura

Sorry did not have enough time to check what you posted here...

Anyway I have faith in people to change and I think there is a combination of words that work for people to change their view points on subjects. 

If the teachers do not find a construtive way to do it we all will suffer, this is the point of this post.

Anyone that has some view points on Tate, I encourage you to come in Romania and I will arrage for you to talk to a girl that was in his circle. Ask her any questions, analyze how Romania is, analyze the need for some women to live in luxury  and the lengths that they will go for this to happen.

I cannot arrange something related with Pfizer or any companies that make vaccines because is not my field. 

I can show people some risk assement strategies and for them to calculate the risks of taking or not taking the vaccine is just math. If we regard the data as true.

The only skeptism from my side that I have related with vaccines is the production and distribution of them it was really fast. For me it will be usefull to understand how they pulled it off.

Usually to retrofit a factory to make them takes about 2 years this is from my own exprience and I have real questions related to this subject.

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