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Illusory Self

This is what enlightenment is

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Enlightenment is the recognition of who one actually is. The absolute freedom to express yourself and do what you choose to do without any constraints. It is the recognition that the egoical structure or the 'I' never even existed. You still exist as the consciousness and love that you are but all fear is removed. It is all pure love. There isn't even a need to tell people that you are enlightened because that is quite possibly a way that the egoical structure will perpetuate itself and could become a so called 'spirital ego'. 

It is a regonition that we all do share the same one consciousness which is in the background of all experience that happens. There is no need to go anywhere and do anything because you are already here. Forever and eternally here. In this very present moment, simply experiencing one thought at a time. Always creating new experiences within the present moment. 

A recognition of being absolutely infinite and can create anything because thoughts are creative. It is the same internal state, whatever you may call it. Unconditional love/happiness/oneness/God's being. Nothing in the external reality can affect that internal place of just being love. 

It is beyond the conceptualizations of the thinking mind but at the same time it is a drawing back into the experience that is currently being experienced and putting that eternal presencce on the nature of thoughts and recognizing them for what they are. 

You control your thoughts and instead of your thoughts controlling you. It is a disendtification from form into formless.. without any constaints. Simply experiencing pure love. 

No longer identified with the body-mind. 

There is an awareness beyond the place of thought identification. No thought attachment. Just pure love and bliss. It's almost like you took off in a rocket ship and landed in outer space where as on the ground there is a huge gravitational pull within an egoic state of consciousness of always needing something to feel happy. Always resisting the moment of pure awareness. 


The game that is being played is that everyone thinks others are judging them when in fact we are the only ones judging ourselves. 


There is nothing to worry about. Everything is perfect as it is :x

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