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Ely Higgins

Thrilling podcast by Russell Brand and Gabor Mate!

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This was an amazing podcast on addiction, childhood trauma, society and spirituality. Russell Brand and Gabor Maté eloquently discuss child hood trauma and how it leads to selfish and addictive behavior later in life, and how these coping mechanisms are what cut us off us from our true, open and loving nature.

They highlight with beautiful clarity and fluidity some of the key mechanics of collective ego, and how our world leaders, as well our prison population, are some of the most traumatized people in our society.

Russell has many inspiring qualities, aside from his articulation and openness of mind expressed in this podcast. Gabor seems like a genuinely wise man, with incredible presence and conversational speed for someone his age! I love their ability to go on tangents, they don't care because they're both so in the flow of it, entirely present and connected. 

Russell is hilarious, of course: "I want god! Now! In my head!" And so is Gabor, in his own way. It was just a delight to watch and learn from their conversation. They shouldn't have been able to be so concise and cover so much within just an hour and a half! 

What do you think of Russell Brand? He is personally one of my favorites. And Gabor Maté? I would highly recommend Russell's Youtube channel if you're into social/societal stuff. 

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