Psychedelics Retreat database?

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Any folks know of one?

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A data base would be cool, An example is something like this. Keeping in mind SET, SETTING, DOSAGE. So you wanna choose a location where your very comfortable in. Your home, hotel room, cabin, or campsite would be safe environments. However to be mindful of the camping one as there are more potential dangers, and Id only recommend for someone who knows how a specific lower dosage will effect them, which has been prior selected, and has experience in tripping in that kind of environment. Its encouraged you do not do high doses while camping specifically. Have enough food and water premade to last for the duration of the retreat. Make sure the environment chosen is safe, removed weapons if applicable, And that your aware of any other people who may be near your location, such as family, neighbors, citizens. After the environment is squared away. You wanna have a preplanned timeframe written down to structure your retreat. It can be however you like, your designing the day. The duration of the retreat and start and end are understood. Then you want to confirm all of your doses are measured out that you'll be taking.  Consumption is recommended around noon on an empty stomach. Make sure your feeling well, Physically and Mentally. Have some trip intentions written down, or questions your planning to contemplate. Meditate for at least 20 prior to consuming. Consume and be safe and responsible. Having a trip log of some kind may be useful. To document your experience. 

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