Bolsonaro supporters have stormed the entire government of Brazil!

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1 hour ago, Bernardo Carleial said:


This people suporters of Bolsonaro are more like MAGA , and the Fatass gun shop owner is a style of guys I used to find late back when I was living there. Same talk, same Pitbull dogs, and same ideia that people should have weapons. And he say " The people from the rigth who I represent are not violent people, including people who own weapons"  and then he poses with a big gun as he was holding a Violin. Hahaha.

My question for him would be " Are you going to Hunt elephants where with this? We dont have elephants in Brasil. 

Jesus save Brazil. Oh, I forgot, many Bolsonaro supporters are Evangelics from the noise shouting Mega Churches. 

When a see all the fuzz people do about elections,I understand why because I was a bit like this when I lived in Brasil, but now I feels like I am Watching Sims characters unable to see the the Emerald Diamond floating above their heads. 

And There is always this close connection of Football and Politics. 

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