Low hanging fruit: buy an electric toothbrush

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Time for me to once again sing the praises of electric toothbrushes.

Switching from an ordinary to electric toothbrush is probably one the easiest ways to improve your dental hygiene. I'm not trying to shill, but I think more people should consider getting one because the fact is that e-brushes are just so much better for you. It's been one of the best decisions I have made for myself in terms of my dental health.

The data concistently shows that e-brushes are better at cleaning your teeth than manual. I don't know what else to say. If you don't believe me, just go look. In my own experience, my teeth feel cleaner and I can more concistently stick to a routine of brushing twice a day. I completely avoud over/under brushing, I rarely get icing or canker sores anymore. They are less abressive than manual, yet more thorough. You get it.

The effort to reward ratio is extremely good for e-brushes. That's why I'm calling it a low hanging fruit. The biggest downside is that they are expensive, but if there's anything worth spending that kinda money on it's this. It'll only cost you a fraction of going to the dentist for cavities and infections on the other hand. Considering the only hurdle is price, not that much even, I think it's worth considering.

You can spend as much money as you like on an e-brush and they can get quiet fancy with their features, but IMO, the most important feature is a built in timer. My brush vibrates once every 30 seconds, thrice every 2 minutes. That's the ideal duration you want to brush your teeth for and I know exactly when to switch sides. That timing is priceless, as it nearly automizes the process. No think, just do. The cheapest e-brushes don't have always have timers FYI. Brushheads can also be expensive as they need to switched out on a regular basis, but you can buy third party ones for relatively cheap. A good e-brush will run you 30-50 dollarinos in my experience.

I could go on, but if you read this far, I think you get it lol.

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Posted (edited)

Great advice!

Can pretty much make a difference between getting a periodontal disease and not. Some say it is too harsh but with the crap many eat, gentle brushing is just not sufficient anymore.

Combining electronic brushing with flossing, oral rinsing, tongue scraping and occasional oral probiotic round should (unless genetically prone to recession) protect gums of most people long into old age. 

So much systemic health damage is mediated by infected gums and poor oral health it isn't even funny.

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yes, I will join you in singing praises to electric toothbrushes and will add that those little interdental brushes are a great add on as well. I find that flossing itself is not enough.

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