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I took it on an empty stomach in the afternoon .

I started playing background music in my earphones. It's sounds of the ice recorded by this women in Scandinavia. I absolutely love it, it's simultaneously terrifying, soothing and entrancing.

I went for a short walk to center myself before effects kicked in.

After 5 minutes I felt energy shimmering through my spine and I made some spontaneous free flowing Kriya movements to dissipate it and welcome the nourishment into my consciousness.

After the walk I lay down in a dimly lit room, listening to the sounds.

I began to notice the divinity gleaming through all the mundane objects of my room. Some pens on my desk, my clothes hanging up; simply beautiful, radiant and iridescent.

I began to feel myself being thrust under the ice, the cold cutting through my being like butter. It took me to some painful memories, mercilessly and righteously eviscerating them with each sounding crack. Flaying me into thinly sliced and moreish delicacy.
As I lay there, I happened upon my reflection in a mirror.

I watched my face age and saw myself die, my consciousness evacuating my skull and inhabiting another.
I watched the process again, with a new face across a thousand lifetimes.

Each wrinkle housing the countless temptations to which I had succumbed,
Each burial the countless trespasses made against me.
All forgiven, all accepted, all seen and understood and the immeasurable growth and expansion it generates.
In my heartbeat I felt the movement of mountains giving way to small streams
In my tears Love gushed forth into raging rivers, flowing down into the thirsty souls of all my lives.
With each breath I savored the orgasms of a trillion lovers from the beds of amoebas to the slow pulsating songs of whales.

That was from a 2 star sushi train back home, lookin for a good place around vegas, yo.

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