Bad Sleep With Masturbation On Top of It And Why I Want to Wake Up Early

By AndylizedAAY,
So I started to masterbate at about 10:00 PM and then woke up at about 2:00 AM. I was still resting but was still awake masterbating and I didn't know that would finally get up at about 9:00 AM. Simply imagining someone who I find attractive is enough to trigger masterbation without pornography. I tried setting my alarm on the other side of the room but I turn it off and go to bed without thinking twice.  The reason I want to get up early is to have deeper mediation, contemplation, and self-inquiry sessions without having to worry about my Mom interrupting me. know that she would try to add biblical answers to my contemplation sessions when really contemplation is about discovering and thinking about the answers without any sources. It doesn't matter where the truth will lead me, and it will lead to the Bible if it's really true.  Also I've listened to this kind of music before, do you think it would help if I kept listening to it?