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The Likeability Factor - The Bible of Social Skills

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I'm gonna share this book today as I've never seen it mentioned before but it's one of the most powerful books I've read. The likeability factor by Tim Sanders 


 It's most likely the best book on social skills/charisma I've ever read. Much simpler and straight to the point than How to win friends and influence people. It breaks down charisma into 4 parts: friendliness, empathy, relevance, and authenticity, and then breaks down each part to give examples of it and explains how to develop it. 

Highly recommend it for anyone looking to make more friends/dates as well as anyone in a corporate setting where charisma and being well-liked are essential to their career. 

It's quite short at 224 pages so you can read it and start implementing it within a week. 

Solid 8/10, Must Read 

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