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We attract things when we do not seek them, do not want them any more?

For example, not so long ago I was family dependent, their opinions mattered and they used to put  a lot of pressure on me. Now I broke a boundary when it does not matter to me anymore, their words do not hurt. And as soon as I reached that state, they either changed opinion about me or I don't know what changed, but they stop criticising. 

In this case I was wanting approval. I don't want - I receive it. 

Same with money. When no need, got it.

Is it the case with everything in life, we need to learn not to want everything?

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It is not the same with everything in life, for instance when you are thirsty, you wanna drink water, and you go drink it. You don't need to stop wanting to drink water to be able to drink it. You know, if we are talking about if everything is the same, then clearly not everything is the same. But what you said might work about things about which you have doubts and worries, you see. The key is the absence of resistance, really. 


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