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Are Men More Lonely Than Women?

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15 hours ago, Something Funny said:

@Tyler Robinson I don't agree with you, but anyway, I don't  feele like arguing rn. 

One of my favourite bands has just released a new album so I am going to go and listen to it.


You're so cute. No peace. I feel like you're like a coconut that's hard on the outside but if I keep tapping it, eventually the sweet liquid will flow out. You seem like that to me, a little rough on the outside but so sweet on the inside Ukrainian. 


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 Be careful being too demanding in relationships. Relate to the person at the level they are at, not where you need them to be.

You have to get out of the kitchen where Tate's energy exists ~ Tyler Robinson 

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Men definitely spend more time alone than women, that's a gender difference.

But I'm unsure whether that makes men lonelier because they are better adapted to handle being alone, whereas women require much more social connection to be happy.

As for dating, men are more active in all forms of dating, not just on apps. It's literally a man's job to go out there and hit on lots of women, whilst women are much more selective. 

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For sure 

But like it doesn't matter from one sense because you can solve the issue relatively quickly for most people


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On 16/11/2022 at 7:52 AM, Julian gabriel said:

it seems that not only are there more men than women on tinder, but there are even more gay men on tinder than there are women.

Also on Omegle (the most popular online random video chat) almost everyone using it is a man. 

It might be because Men are more visual. 

Women can get lonely too. They look more for emotional connection rather than visual. But for me when I got lonely I did exercise: when waking up in the morning do not leave the bed until i feel the love in my heart chakra and give that love for myself. The day goes much smoother and doesn't feel as lonely. Also higher chance of meeting people to connect with that day.  

Sending love  🤍🌸

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