Should I try to copy the persons that I admire?

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One  would usually say that this is something younger people do, and that you shouldn't care when you reach some kind of maturity.

Personnally, I've always been lazy and admire some types of people from afar, but, not being very practical or disciplined, I actually never tried to be like them, do similar routines, or mostly, just BE like them. For example, I admire strong, brute fighters, with a typical male energy (not the only example clearly, as it can also go the total opposite for me, such as admiring very feminine, fashionable women at times) and I'm someone that's very flimsy, lazy, whiny, overthinking, easily discouraged (along with a lot of qualities that people seem to like in me, but I'm just saying, compared to some people I love watching, I sometimes seem to be the total opposite of them)

So the question is along the line of, would I need to trust my general flow/personnality, or would I benefit from "forcing" things that seem unnatural to me, beat myself up to try and become as close to them as I can? Or is the fact that I'm not like them a sign that I shouldn't be? When do I know how to give up and let go of things that fascinate me but doesn't seem to be doable for me? Either some persons like me are not built to be this, or I'm just lazy or looking for excuses.

Not sure if I'm being clear here, actually I'm still questionning myself on what all of this means, but the thoughts popped into my head and I thought there could be some way to groy from getting a little outside help/thoughts.

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No thats the whole problem why self help wont work is because you are trying to go far away from yourself first you made all the assumptions about yourself that turned into beliefs and reality that you are lazy etc. second layer of assumption and beliefs what outside world told you who you are and third being somebody else and following someone and copying them its only gonna hurt more if you really want to change on the root of who you are..

What you are describing is cult mentality that got you believing what you are in the first place far away from yourself...

You use them to find your version of that expression

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