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My mom is Brainwashed by the Right Wingers

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I live in Brazil, Bolsonaro has lost the elections to LULA,

My mother changed in the last years,

today i was talking to her, about the blockade made by the federal police (which became an instrument of bolsonaro's fascism) on the highways of northeastern Brazil, where President Lula has a vast majority of votes.

They were being prevented from voting by corrupt police forces.

Now we have a xenophobic movement happening within Brazilian regions.

Bolsonaro won by a small margin in all regions except the northeast, where he took a heavy defeat that gave Lula the victory.

People from the south of Brazil are racist towards their northeastern compatriots, saying that the states that generate most of the GDP are right wingers.
this problem is likely to get worse.


She simply defends the case with excuses and lies, being racist towards northeastern compatriots.


The level of blindness she reached scared me, as if Bolsonaro was the savior of the homeland.

Be careful, Bolsonaro/Trump ideologies cause an impotence to reason and see the rottenness of their policies.


i dont know what else to say to her,  do you guys have any suggestions ?

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