Credit Card vs Debit Card

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I use credit cards because in theory debit cards it's easier for a thief to drain your account balances. Credit cards are unsecured debts. In practice you are mostly protected from all forms of fraud, but  I have never had a problem of controlling my spending. I've never actually been in debt at the age of 40 besides mortgage debt. I've never had to check my bank account balance to make sure there's enough money in there.

I use an ATM only card along with my credit cards. I can use it to draw cash to a daily limit without worrying about the account being emptied by someone.

It IS good to build credit when young. Get a credit card, pay it off every month.

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15 minutes ago, integration journey said:

@Roy Do you know what are the best credit cards that offer travel perks ? 

I live in the US though 
thank you  

You'll have to search that on your own dude. Look at what your bank is offering, it's easier to manage accounts if they are all in one place.

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