What's your breakthrough shrooms dose?

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I made a post last week about being scared of doing shrooms. 

I mentioned that I booked an Airbnb with my buddy and had committed to a trip, and we would take 2 grams each. 

Yesterday, that is what we did.

Going into it I was pretty uncomfortable because of the fear, and as the effects started taking place, my mood started to improve, and I started to see just how silly all this fear around tripping was. 

Shrooms kicked in gradually and gently, and although we didn't break through to a trip, I feel so much lighter about psychedelics after that experience. 

I see now - there's nothing really to be scared of, especially if you build your way up. The advice I received about "take a low dose and work your way up" really helped, so thank you to all who made suggestions, it was a really positive experience. 

Now - I want to turn the tables around and ask you -- what's your sex, weight and breakthrough dose?

I thought that 2 grams of golden teachers would've been enough for a mild psychedelic trip.

However, the even at the peak of the experience, it was something like a 5/10 on weed, both for my friend and I (25yrs/150-160lbs).

The plan now is to keep upping the dose until the breakthrough - next dose 2.5 grams, and then by increments of .25. 

I'd like to know -- what's your breakthrough dose into the psychedelic realm? 

I'm curious if 2 grams is just a low dose, if the shrooms I have are low potency, or if both my friend and I just need more to induce a trip. 


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Well I am not sure what a 'breakthrough' with shrooms is supposed to exactly be, but 2 grams of mushrooms is less than 100mcg equivalent to LSD according to this (who knows how accurate) calculator, as long as it's Cubensis:

That would be on the lower end of the common dose range.

I've found around 6 grams or more to be good for most purposes, I'm male and I weight a bit over 75kg. But as you said, I would recommend working your way up. You might find a lower dose better, I don't know.


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Always the same question: what Do you mean by 2 g? Dried or fresh? 

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Depends how aware you are and how strong your shrooms are. I've had breakthroughs with one gramm quite often but other times when my ego is really strong it takes 2-3g

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