My dick won’t fit in her, now what?

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That happens when a girl is nervous and their body is reacting to that nervousness. Even if she can logically say to you in English "everything is fine", it's not. You need to both get in a more relaxed state, and have plenty of foreplay. She says she doesn't like fingering? Honestly too bad, you need to tell her she needs to be fingered anyways so you're starting her with something small. Instead of going straight to sex.

My ex had this happen to her as well. We had sex probably hundreds of times, but I remember 2-3 occasions where her lady parts "locked up" like what you're describing where she was so tight it was actually painful for me too, not just her.

So we stopped and tried another day. Don't freak out about it, just be patient and try again later.


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On 18-10-2022 at 9:35 AM, petar8p said:

If she's a virgin it's understandable. 

You have to make gradual progress so fingers have to be a part of it. Maybe she doesn't like fingering herself but try it on her slowly, if she's not closing up too much when you do it. 


You have some sexual experience and never had a problem like this?

@petar8p It's my first time doing it with a virgin. My only experience is with my ex girlfriend and a bunch of hookers. I shall try this though,


On 18-10-2022 at 10:31 AM, Leo Gura said:

What do you mean "it wouldn't go in"?

How big is your dick? Lol

@Leo Gura Don't think that's the issue. She looked it up and we think it's something called ''vaginismus''. Basically erectile dysfunction for women. She is already trying different exercises and meditation (I forced her the last one tho lmao).


On 18-10-2022 at 0:35 PM, StarStruck said:

Dude, your dick is just not hard enough. If your dick is hard enough her vagina will rap around your dick like a glove.

@StarStruck It was. She was so tight only the tip of my middle finger would fit. I am used to this as well, but with her it just wouldn't go in.


On 18-10-2022 at 1:41 PM, Yarco said:

Either way, something is seriously wrong if you're having sex with a gf for the first time and she's not already dripping for you before you get her panties off. My money would be on either #1 or #2 above.

@Yarco She was dripping though. She has stated to me before that she masturbated on the idea of me. That just holding hands with me would make her wet. You're right though, she doesn't have any experience with guys. Her ex was non-binary with a female body. It's all new to her indeed.


20 hours ago, Raze said:

Sounds like she has Vaginismus. Look up treatments for it.

@Raze Ding ding ding! She thinks this too yeah. Already looked up some exersises and she is currently trying both that and meditation.

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I believe there are topical creams for vaginismus 

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