Protesting, social movements and volunteering: to do it or not?

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I was very into leftist movements and causes and even went to some protests between ages of 18 to 21. This was during university. I'm still at university, but I'm questioning the effectiveness of those actions.

I volunteered at some green organizations but they don't seem to have a great impact in the big picture imo.

There's lots of pointless, anger-filled discussion, left extremism and loose and poorly-planned actions in my POV. They are not pointed at the core issue but go tangential to the actual (systemic) problems that could be addressed.

I can understand and empathize with the pov of those people though.

So, that being said, what is your approach to these topics? I admit I haven't studied enough to have a nuanced opinion yet, but I plan to do that.

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All those do work IF in sufficient numbers to have a great impact in the big pictures.

Systemic problems only are solved by systemic solutions.

That's why the government should be in charge of systemic problems.

One big good social program like healthcare free for all can deeply change the entire society like no other individual effort can.

That's where marxists get it right: the problem is the system and we have to change the system.

BUT until then, sure, help people in a small scale but i would focus on systemic changes.

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