New to Ketamin R-isomer. Any tips?

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Hello, I have access to Ketamin R-isomer (shades). I have some psychedelic experiences already. How can I prepare for my first try? I want to plug it, is this a good idea or should I just snort it? Based on RoA what would be a good starter dose? Do you have any other tips? My goal is to explore this substance, what it can offer me. I dont know if I am ready for khole experience, so better not.


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It plugs well.

It's not like a psychedelic. At higher doses you will not be able to move or even see.

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I synthesized ketenine. The enotimer. Not just the r-isomer.

Plug it, snort it. Then k hoke my friend!!

You mean ketamine*

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I’m actually working on the summary for Leo’s Ketamine episode. I’m travelling right now and don’t have reliable access to wifi, so it won’t be up for at least 3 weeks. Here are some tidbits.

    -Plugging is perfect for K. A good starter dose is 15-30mg. For Leo, a medium dose is 30mg, but he’s very sensitive to substances.

    -Ketamine has a very heavy body load, especially with medium doses and larger. I have no idea how people dance on it.

     I highly recommend just lying down and listening to music for at least 90 mins after you’ve plugged and while you’re tripping. I like to have a bottle of water and my laptop at hand to switch the music if I feel like it.

     Here’s a ketamine playlist you may enjoy. I especially like the meditation at the beginning. Music makes a big difference on your trip.


    -After plugging, it takes 10 mins to come on and the high is 30-60 mins.

    -Things can look weird, alien and blurry, but K also shuts down your conceptual mind. I personally feel no fear on it, even at high doses, whereas I’ve have plenty of spooky experiences on 5-MeO and shrooms. Other people’s experiences will vary.

    -This video’s pretty accurate:

    -Because your body is fairly numb, you can feel like a 20 ft cloud of awareness, or even as thin as a pancake (for me, anyway). Music takes on a beautiful faraway quality.

    -K gives you a potent No-Mind experience. It’s probably similar to what multi-decade meditators experience during a peak. It’s not as good for getting insights into non-duality, Love or God as proper psychedelics. It could be great for healing at a psychological or emotional level however.



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@FlyingLotus Thanks for your Post! Very good Information that there is no fear for you. I also heard that from other people. 

Leo took s-ketamin so on r ketamin this would be double high dose (if it is really pure r ketamin what I have) 

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