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How do I handle my friends constant teasing about my family's wealth?

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There are these friends of mine constantly bringing the point that i belong to well financially stable family as cheesy comments and taunts. Mostly in my friend circle im the wealthiest from them all. So their point is that i don't have to much worry about money matters and they are still struggling to pay for usual stuff , so i don't know much about the world , i have it easy and they are struggling so they're better. 

Im not like super privileged or high class but just belongs to upper middle class and the country were i live in it's a big deal to even just to be from middle class. It's not like im buying some crazy ass luxury stuff , i just prefer good brands vs  they usually go for the cheapest thing possible. I always prefer quality over cash. Im very grateful for the things i have and where i belong from.

My dad is the one of few people who came out of a small Town and settled in a big city and started from zero. My grandfather used to tell us how cast system was a big deal back then and how tough it was to live in that times. When i usually go to my relatives homes , my cousins homes , it's usually understandable for me about my financial conditions and to be grateful. I never brag about it at all. 

The world knows how strict Asian parents are . Im forced to do a degree which i hate . Doing a thing which takes my whole day and i know i"ll never gonna use this degree. Something else is also going away in this except money, which is my time, the time which will never come back. I can't go anywhere without their permission. 


All what people see is the outer stuff that he's living in a big house, have car, have an expensive mobile, wear branded shoes.They don't know what goes inside. I grew up in dysfunctional environment and it's still like that but they don't see it. I struggled from depression, bpd , addictions but i don't talk about it to anyone. My family don't allow me to go for therapy, so i myself don't have much money for therapy. It's expensive, can't cover it from pocket money even. Im 23 and my dad never had a normal conversation with me except " how much marks you score , score more, buy more books , study more " . Except this we never ever talked about anything but they don't know this. I never talk about my family environment because its way different then their's homes where they're talking like friends with each other without any fear. My mom and dad had crazy fights with each other till this day but thats not what the world see in a "so called Rich's home".  

Yes , my friends are not much financially stable but they do have better health then me , way better mental health then me , choosing their own career by their own will , talks with family like friends but that's not what they"ll consider because they're not much aware about that. All they're energy is focused is in how much green stuff some have in their pockets and how much cost cutting they can do to save money. 

What's look good from outside is not always like that from within. 

Yes , Everyone on this planet have their own share of pain, suffering and happiness. We cant compare somebody else's problems with other.

The question is how do i respond to them . I can take their point in consideration and think about it contemplate about it and ask myself what's really true , and i do that deeply. 

But how do i respond , this blame game and victim mentality is shit. 

How do i respond when they blame me that i have it easy and they struggle. I don't get any words to reply in that moment . 

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@Rahul 2paradox Simply improve your social skills. The wall of text you wrote defending your position shows me simply you lack social skills.

It's not about your wealth. It's about learning the skill of banter, negging , holding frames, being witty, etc. 

If you feel it's a big problem for you feel free to PM me and we can have a quick chat. 


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Own it. 

I was in a similiar situation, and I just learned to be proud. Shouldn't I be proud that my parents are inteligent enough to care about financial stability before making a fucking kid?

Shouldn't it be normal that a parent provides the financial help before a Young Adult will figure out himself?

Wear it proudly, do not talk about it but if someone jokes about it just be proud and not caring about what they say.

And if they continue to do that more than you want just change friends. 

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On 9/29/2022 at 0:46 AM, Hello from Russia said:
On 9/29/2022 at 0:46 AM, Hello from Russia said:

Communicate this to them


Yeah, i got it .

I wrote this post in a angry state . 

Im again reading it and it looks like a different person wrote it to me too.

seeing the flaws , trying to defend myself but not in a proper way . Self doubt did peep through me that moment. 



@Hello from Russia

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