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Share Your A.I. Art Here! (Midjourney)

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Definetly would like to dip my toe in this

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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I just started today!  Here are my pictures! I am open to any feedback on how I can improve.


Magical Forest.png



woman meditating in mountains 2.png

Sunflower Moonlight 3.png






Thank you! :) 

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All Teachers and Teachings are delusion. You have all the answers within you. The first step on the journey to Enlightenment is questioning all the beliefs and teachings you have ever received. Teachers/Teachings are a distraction/maya at the highest level. There comes a point where you need to trust in your own innate knowledge and derive your own insights into the nature of reality. Teachers make a living and lifestyle of selling you water by the river. You don’t need them. All you need is an insatiable desire for truth and then seriously contemplate reality and uncover all that is false. 

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Pls dont ban me but I thought this was really funny 

Super saiyan trump

Bartech_Donald_trump_super_sayian_8k_ultra_realistic_ultra_HD_m_0de45c48-073c-41e7-9b73-3d3ca42c8981 (1).png

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Wow so nice to see people on here are playing with it. I did as well, it is so crazy it exists and it makes literally infinity of photos, no matter how many artist do the same promt it will always make something new, so crazy 




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The 1st one --- the devil disguise himself as an a saint

the 2nd one --- Leo Tate



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 "Unburdened and Becoming" - Bon Iver



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