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Ascended Masters and Angels Meditation (Invocation)

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This replaces the previous invocation post, because some of my views and approaches changed and I don't consider everything from the old post safe anymore. 


All spiritual entities from all religions exist on the astral plane. Either because they are 'real' original entities or because they were created by humanity through belief and worship, in that case they are like highly evolved thought forms. Practically speaking, it makes little differences which one is the case.

During meditation you can summon them. Let's call that Invocation.

This can have beneficial effects because of:

  • Their energy: When they are in your presence you are affected by their energy. The main effect this has is that your spiritual energy (prana) increases. And it increases the frequency/vibration of the energy, and thus of your whole system. Over time, this advances your energy system and you become more energetically sensitive (as a result, invocations and transmissions become more effective). And you become more intuitive and psychic. Intense energetic states during such meditations can also lead to a kundalini awakening. Apart from all that, such meditations also affect your state of consciousness (illumination, void and magnitude dimension, explained here). The effect usually only lasts during the meditation session and to a smaller extend during the rest of the day. But if done regularly, it also changes your baseline state of consciousness.
  • Their power: They can bless, empower and help you. If you want to become more loving, regularly mediating with Jesus or Anandamayi Ma can make you more loving. If you want to have more courage, regularly mediating with archangel Michael can make you more courageous. So they can empower your personal growth. And they can also support and bless your efforts in general.
  • Their advice and guidance 


- 1. Transmissions vs Invocation 

Transmissions are basically invocations of certain energies, and someone else is doing the invocation (or in this case channeling of energy) for you.

Generally transmissions are far more effective for most people. Only when you are very energetically sensitive and advanced, do invocations become really powerful and can beat transmissions.

Regarding enlightenment, even once you are advanced, transmissions might still be more effective than invocations.  


- 2. Invocation (& transmissions) vs other energetic practices 

Invocations and transmissions are basically in the same category.

Other energetic practices are kriya/kundalini yoga, qi gong, sexual practices,...

The main differences are:

  • the amount of energy. Once you are skilled at invocation, none of these other energetic practices can compare with that amount of energy
  • Divine energy. The energy of transmissions and invocation has a much higher frequency, which results in more significant transformation, including transformation on more sublte levels. This divine energy can also be considered intelligent and can keep working (more or less) in your system after the meditation session.


- 3. Astral Perception 

Usually astral perception has 2 components:

  • psychic senses 
  • vividness of you imagination (visual, audirory,...)

So when there is a sprit before you, you use your psychic senses to take in the data (how the spirit looks, what it is like,...), and then your mind translates that data into imaginations, so that your ego self can better make sense of it.

The more open your psychic senses, the more accurate your astral perception. And the more vivid your imagination skills, the more vivid your astral perception.

When your psychic senses are not open, your mind will help, according to what you consciously or subconsciously expect to perceive.

So if you are a beginner and summon an angel, then what you perceive might be the product of 10% accurate perception and 90% mental projection. 

When you are very advanced it might be 80% accurate perception and 20% mental projection. 

If you search for it, you can find reports where 2 or more very advanced practitioners summon a spirit, and all of them astrally see and hear the same.

However, seeing the spirit is relatively unimportant. It think the most crucial thing is that your body is energetically advanced enough so that you can get affected by the spirits presence and energy.



- 4. What entities 

I personally do these invocations usually with ascended masters. And sometimes with angels too.

I suppose doing this with angels is safe. But I don't know. If you're unsure then do it only with the well-known archangels. The safest would be to just do it with ascended masters. 

Regarding angels, I usually only invoke archangels. Apart from archangels, some of the most popular angels are the 72 angels of the 72 letter name of God, and the 42 angels of the 42 letter name of God. So maybe they are kind of like aspects of God. Not the non-dual God, but the God from the old Testament. So by invoking them you might be invoking aspects or energies that are in some way connetcted or related to the God of the old Testament. I personally don't want to do that, one reason is the views and opinions many gnostics have about that God.

Apart from ascended masters and angels, you can also invoke Gods from different religions. Regarding spiritual growth, Hindu Gods would be most interesting. 

But with Gods you need to be careful and extra respectful. And in many cases offerings (like food, wine, incense, candles, art, singing,...) are expected in return. Invocations of Gods should only be done by experienced practitioners who are psychic enough to communicate with the God and to know whether that God likes or dislikes you.


- 5. Safety

If for some reason a God becomes angry at you, that can become dangerous. 

I think with archangels you are pretty safe, unless you intentionally try to make them angry or are extremely disrespectful. 

If you're unsure, only do invocations with ascended masters. 



- 6. Technique 

  1. Repeat the entity's name. Try to say the name to the entiry, rather than to the air before you 
  2. try to reach out to the entity/spirit. To energetically connect with it
  3. visualize the entity before you
  4. pretend the entity is there, whether you can feel it or not 
  5. At this point I usually just keep mentally saying the name, and trying to feel its presence and be affected by its energy and power. You can also keep visualizing the entity or just let your mind intuitively form an image, or just don't pay attention to whether there is an image or not.
  6. To end it, you can say thank you and feel sincere gratitude 

In the previous post I wrote about superimposing the image of the spirit over your body, and merging with the spirit. That's also what invocation usually means, invoking the spirit inside you rather than just before you.

I usually don't do this anymore. I just visualize the spirit before me, or I just put my attention on the spirit without paying attention where it is spatially relative to me. When the entity is before you you are still affected by it's presence and energy. Invocing it into your body would be a bit more powerful. But for that you need to make sure you are respectful and that the entity doesn't dislike you. I don't do it anymore because it feels too arrogant for me currently. 

You can invoke just one entity or multiple entities, one after the other. You usually don't need to take a break between different entities. But it might be best to either invoke only ascended masters or only archangels in one meditation session (a few minutes between ascended masters and archangels should be enough). You can also invoke multiple entities at once. I usually do this by visualizing them around me.

Before any invocation session, you can contact archangel Raziel first, and ask that he/she connects you with the entities. (This is one of Raziel's powers)


- 7. Energetic link

The name is an energetic link with the entity. 

If you add more energetic links, the meditation becomes more powerful. 

- Ascended masters

If there is a picture or video of them on the internet, use that. Alternatively you can visualize how you intuitively believe they look like.

- Angels

For angels there are sigils. For the archangels I think the best sigils are in Ben Woodcroft's "Angelic Sigils Keys and Calls" book.

While saying the archangel's name, glance at the sigil.

If you want to add even more, you can use the invocation keys and invocation watchwords from Damon Brand's "Archangels of Magick" book and the pathworking visualizations from Jareth Tempest's "Archangel Pathworking" book.

I prefer Ben Woodcroft's archangel sigils over those from Damon Brand. In Ben's sigils are more links to the archangel. In Damon's sigils are divine words for divine and magickal authority (outer 2 rings are the 72 names of the 72 letter name of God, and the next 2 rings are probably divine words related to that God). Rather than using such divine words for magickal authority I sometimes invoke Jesus or Christ Consciousness, or most of the time I just don't do anything with magickal authority. 


When you try to make contact with an entity and are at least somewhat psychic, you usually always connect with the entity to some extend.

Whether you don't perceive anything or whether you can feel the entity's presence and energy and maybe even see and hear it, in both cases the actual entity could be actually there, or you might just connect with the entity's energy and the actual entity hasn't consciously decided to interact with you.

So contact can be

  • actual contact. The entity consciously and intentionally interacts with you
  • or just connecting to the energy 

It can be anywhere between the two. It's probably very hard and maybe impossible to know whether the entity is intentionally there. I suppose in many cases you just connect with the energy. The more elaborate your technique and the more sincere your need and intention and the more psychic you are, the more likely it is that the entity is consciously there.

Practically speaking it doesn't make too much of a difference either way. You are affected by the entity's energy (and to some extend its power) in any case. And even advice can be accurate even if the entity is not actually there. Because you connected with the energy and psychic essence of the entity, and then your mind uses that to hallucinate or imagine an answer to your question. 



- 8. Strong Contact

Strong contact and connection vs no or weak contact depends on:

  • how open your psychic sense are
  • how altered your state of consciousness is. Best would probably be theta brainwaves (possibly in combination with gamma). 

In my experience it doesn't really make much of a difference (regarding strong contact) if I just close my eyes and start right away or of I try for 15 minutes to enter a deep trance. 

I only notice a real difference when I'm close to sleep and I start hallucinating. But at that state it's very difficult to remain conscious and intelligent. There it's very easy to lose focus and get distracted.

Despite having practiced for Sleep Yoga so much, these states don't add that much to strong contact yet. But these states do make invocations quite more energetic.

Tiredness and binaural beats are effective for deepening your states.


States that can make the invocation significantly stronger:

  • psychedelics 
  • lucid dreaming 
  • dark room retreat 
  • long sleep deprivation 
  • long shamanic breathing 
  • long fasting
  • (float tank)
  • close to (or in) sleep paralysis and close to REM

In these states interactions can become very vivid, as if the entity is physically present.

As for opening your psychic senses, the more you do energetic practcies (most efectively invocations and transmissions), the more open they become. If you want to speed that up, you can do invocations of archangel Raziel or Jesus or Babaji, and during the invocation have that intent and visualize how the energy of the entity affects you in such a way that your psychic senses get open. But keep in mind opening your psychic senses usually takes very long. But such invocations could easily be by far the most powerful practice for that.


- 9. Highly energetic invocation

How energetic the invocation is depends on:

  • strong contact (open psychic senses and altered state)
  • but mainly: your energetic advancement and sensitivity. I wrote about sensitivity here. Again, the more energetic practices that you do, the more energetically advanced and sensitive you become (over time).


The more energetic (pranic) I am the more energetic invocations are. Therefore invocations usually become more energetic the longer the session is. And also, the more sessions I have had on that day, the stronger the next session is.


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