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How has this work transformed you?

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Let's paint a picture of who we were before and after we started this work. Also post how long you've been on the journey. Also post your primary focus vis-à-vis growth.



- Lifelong video game addiction

- Marijuana addiction

- Porn addiction

- OCD, depression, anxiety

- Poor diet, no exercise, overweight

- Socially awkward

- Zero skills with women; clueless

- No ambition, drive, direction; lazy

- No hobbies

- Poor student; mostly Cs

- Hung out with the wrong people



- Overcome porn, video game, and pot addiction; consume absolutely zero

- Overcame OCD, depression, and anxiety

- Rock-solid work ethic

- A- student in uni

- Got into pickup and developed massive amounts of confidence; both with women and with people in general - overcame social anxiety

- New friend group of intelligent, high-achieving, positive people

- Awesome girlfriend

- Whole foods, vegetarian diet; in excellent shape

- Exercise 4 days a week

- Know my values

- Daily mediation

- Daily gratitude ritual

- Lots of hobbies and passions' well-rounded


Took me 7 years to get these results. Currently I'm working to clarify and actualize my LP. My secondary focus is financial literacy.

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