Reply to Andrew tates final message

Tyler Robinson
By Tyler Robinson,
@8gates he might have done a few good things but his misogynistic messages outweigh that.  He screams insecurity. He is like the most insecure man I have ever seen.  Why are insecure men a threat to society?    Insecure men are weak. They can't face challenges.  Insecure men don't allow men to openly cry and express emotions. It goes against their pride.  Insecure men put down healthy men to feel better.  Insecure men resort to extreme measures to prove they're confident. They will build up their body to disproportionate abnormal levels to show how strong they are.  Insecure men will resort to violence to get what they want. Or to deal with a situation like bullying  Insecure men will scam people to make money.  Insecure men will resort to violence against women to stop them from challenging their power. They would not want a woman to have any authority.  Insecure men will attack anyone who is genuinely superior to them out of jealousy.  Insecure men will have a boatload of problems in their relationships and create tons of negative energy for their partners and friends to absorb  Insecure men create a highly toxic environment of clash, division, drama, and monopoly, power acquisition, Power games and insane levels of corruption and narcissism to supply their endless need for power and "feel good"  demands.  Insecure men are parasites to society because they leverage everything selfishly to their advantage at the expense of everyone else and at a huge social cost.  Insecure men are extremely insidious.He is a danger.