Why panpsychism is baloney

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Bernardo Kastrup does a great job dismantling panpsychism.

The biggest issue with panpsychism (other than using a dualistic reduction base) is the so called 'combination problem', which is the problem of how atomistic units of consciousness are somehow able to combine into the unified consiousness that we inhabit in our direct experience.

Kastrup correctly points out that the is as much of a crippling issue for panpsychism as the problem of how consiousness can arise out of non conscious matter, and in this regard panpsychism is little better than the  materialist paradigm it's trying to supplant.

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If you think panpsychism is baloney, wait until you hear about panprotopsychism!

He who bathes in the light of Oeaohoo will never be deceived by the veil of Mâyâ. 

Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

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