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Wow. Not really sure what happened but I feel incredibly lost as of recently. 

I felt really in the zone from age 26-29, around the time I started dabbling in psychedelics and spirituality. I went very deep inwards, meditated daily, felt incredible, and as a result incredible things and opportunities came into my life. It honestly seems like a dream now. I was traveling the world for free, meeting incredible people, and undoubtedly living it up. I felt unstoppable. 

Recently did some traveling with my gf and I decided to let go and just be free, spending money freely and whatnot, just trying to be present. And now here I am. I am 30 years old. I have zero dollars in my bank account and I am living in my car doing Uber. I lost that "vision" and that drive and ambition. But to be fair I also have not been meditating as much recently and I haven't done any psychedelics in over a year.

Do you think this is just a phase in the cycle that was inevitable, or is another trip in order to realign myself with a higher power once again?

Maybe you guys don't have the answer, but I would appreciate some motivation.

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Just a phase, you can tell this because you're aware of it, you're uncomfortable, in a good way.


You may have something underlying that you're feeling that you're processing, to me it sounds like you went deep, when you come up you'll be different and it will take getting use to but you'll feel better and ultimately do something(s) much more meaningful than you would have otherwise.

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Sounds like limbo after the end of a phase of a lot of activity. Review Leo’s videos on phases.

"Unburdened and Becoming" - Bon Iver

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