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Max Gross

Leo Dear Friend, It's Time For "Fillers" And The Reasons Are...

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Buddy, a Lot of your videos are gold nuggets for life and you have been pumping out quit a lot of profound knowledge and information in your videos over YouTube. However, I honestly think you are sharing all this too fast. And...... Nobody from your viewers seems to understand this, not even here on the forum and I stand by what I say with a determination like an infantry fighting uphill.

You yourself say that some of the subjects that you talk about are still hard for you to embody, how hard do you think it is for the viewers. Every week or more you release videos with hardcore topics for people to grasp, contemplate, implement, fail and so on. Even though they can be related to previous knowledge, the short period of time between those profound videos is too much for 90%+ of the viewers' mind to handle.

Therefore, I would like to suggest you some fillers between topics. Obviously not limited to or expected:

* Live streams, Yes live streams. 1 Per week, on practical implementation of the topic of the video before. Or: Meditate with Leo, Concentrate with Leo, Do stretching with Leo...

* -_-.... Minecraft, Roblox or any other build & create free multiplayer games. I only mention the former 2 cause in 2022 they pretty much run on anything. Make a server for Actualized and lets create something.

* Pretty much anything you think fit as a "Filler" content that will let the mind of the viewers to acclimatize over a longer period between topics.

Buddy, you know you can grow & mature as a teacher and together with YouTube without putting out petty content.



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