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How to have more experiences ?

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You already know the answers to your questions. Or have ideas at least.

Yes im assuming. Man u wrote lots of posts. I also realized within myself that there are questions that i asked anf then i got answers but didnt do nothing.

Fix ur shit. Go out and socialize dont mental masturbate. 

Im not negative or trying to hurt u. This is how i see this.


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On 18-7-2022 at 5:44 PM, Someone here said:

How do I gain life experience?

I'm a 25 year old college student who's on the typical path that my parent's wanted for me: I pretty much already have a job offer in the business field after college. But I can't help but feel like all my life, I've missed out on crucial life experiences that my peers were able to have. I'm still a virgin, and have never really had my first real girlfriend. I'm not exactly ashamed of this as I know this is just my life path..but I want to be more charismatic and comfortable in my skin when I am in my social circles .

 I want to travel the world, have crazy and exotic life experiences before my body starts to decline from it's physical and sexual peak. But I don't know how. I feel trapped to live a "safe" life. My biggest fear is that I will wake up one day 35 years old and still single, wondering where the time went and why I didn't take advantage of being a healthy, young adult.

@Someone here Start small! Do something you've alsways wanted to do, but which doesn't mean you have to completely change your life in one day. What will it be? Going out to a club? Sky diving? Visiting a concert? Doing an ice bath? Whatever you like, and is just outside of your comfort zone. 

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@Someone here 

Quite simple.

Are you from the US ?

If yes, move to an European country, like a massive city such as Lisbon/Madrid/Barcelona, perhaps Brussels for international english speaking jobs, but still I would recommend to choose based on :

- Size : the bigger the better
- job opportunities (especially homeworking)
- the weather

By itself, this will allow you to gain massive experience as you will need to : move, find a job in another country and learn a new language.

Next, since you are now in a massive city, do massive amounts of pickup to get laid and find a girlfriend.

Also, since you're in europe, enjoy at least 20 paid leave days (sometimes up to 30 and even more if you work 40hours per week) to travel the world.

Now, after reading this you most likely already have 20 different objections, similar to how people introduced to pick up have 100's of them - they want that nice girlfriend, don't want to be single and miserable and at the same time don't want to do the work to make it happen.

Execution is very hard work and realize that if you don't do something bold like that, you will be stuck with your usual results as 99% percent of people are.

Understanding what you have to do is not difficult, the difficult part is actually doing it.

Also new experiences don't happen at an abstract theoretical level, but at a real life concrete level : moving countries and having different physical experiences is way more valuable than for instance new ideas from a new book you will forget. You need more constrast. Forget about finding your passion or w/e other abstract thing you will mentally masturbate about for ages, just do more stuff so that you have more experience to understand yourself better.

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