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Infinity and Paradox - Philosophy and self-help

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This is a book of aphorisms for reflection and introspection. It treads the line between rational and phenomenological philosophy, trusting the reader can swim in deep waters. A few pages can add a day worth of meditation. It draws from Philosophical Taoism, Stoicism and Panpsychism, among other ideas. The ebook version is free today 14th, and tomorrow 15th. 

Here's an excerpt:



To point to Infinity, where do I start?

From what is closest to me, Naturally.

The notion of me that will soon be buried.

Nothing in exaggeration, is good.

There is only one thing that is good in exaggeration.

The Infinite.


God once made me this confession. It told me:

“To die endlessly I don't aspire,

not because it's something to be afraid of,

but because it's demanding. It's demanding.

Demanding is the right word. It demands Presence!


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