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I have pain in my neck and shoulders which usually can be helped by exercise.  
But anyway, I got a heavy cold back in April, which took a few weeks to shift (I suspect it could have been Covid but I only did one test which was negative) since then I have a pain in the right side of my neck when I turn my head side to side. Can’t get rid of it.  I have a lot of deep rooted knots and trigger points in my neck and nape/back of head.

I’m working daily with self massage using either my hands, a ball or a neck massager.  They don’t budge. It’s becoming exhausting and this sharp pain when turning my head remains.  

Went to the orthopaedic doctor who confirmed the pain is down to inflammation, since I still can use my arms normally without weakness or pain.  He told me to take ibuprofen, which I of course don’t want to do long term.

tried different types of massage but nothing helps my neck.  Most massage is on the back and shoulders. Tired of paying for treatments and feeling no relief. 

Now I’m wondering about supplements to take, I’ve been reading mixed things about creatine and glucosamine? 

What about acupuncture?  Again it’s expensive and I’m concerned about having needles stuck in my neck and how safe that is…? 

things I’m doing already: 

body weight excercise

dumbbell workouts targeting the traps and shoulders 

yoga/chi gong routines 

neck stretches 

self massage 

tiger balm 

Lying on acupuncture mat 

applying heat 

breathing excercises, pressing on painful point and deep breathing into that area

All of these things help short term but it keeps coming back again.  Any other ideas?




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I highly recommend (I had similar issues and it worked for me):

1. Bending back 

2. Sticking thumbs into your shoulders (google 'Himalayan mruga yoga' by Kevala Foundation)

3. Stretching by standing and touching the ground with fingers/fists/palms.

3.5 Superior version is Maha Mudra. However it was impossible for me to perform properly (with legs straight) because I was barely able to touch my feet, I had to stretch a lot. After few months I can touch the ground with palms so Mahamudra isn't a problem anymore. 

Also hanging might be very good - it would work in a similar fashion to 3 and 3.5.

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On 7/10/2022 at 3:21 AM, intotheblack said:

chi gong routines


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