AI makes LSD Fractals!

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Very cool! :x

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3 minutes ago, Phil777 said:

Incredible? What AI is this?


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To me it seems that the human brain is using a very similar system to visualize things, just more sophisticated. One of the reason for greater sophistication in the human mind is because we are using inputs beyond mere words, like for example many non-descript emotions and feelings, as well as using actual understanding of objects to create more accurate impressions.

We don't merely learn what something looks like by having bazillion images of them perfectly saved in our brain visual library, we can look at one image, truly understand it's components and what makes it that objects, visually speaking, and then visualize it. So, we abstract from a singular image the relationships that makes a thing a thing, whereas the AI is kind of stumbling upon what makes a thing a thing by having millions of images and finding patterns in the geometric/visual relationships.


I am curious to see how far these AIs will go, because I suspect that there will be a hard limitation at some point in regards to the hardware that is being used, as it cannot generate the same kind of unified experience bubble as the brain can.

My theory why these images look trippy and dreamlike, is because during tripping, the systems that visualize are altered and some even disconnected, connected to new things within the brain etc. which leads to the phenomena we are aware of, just that of course, the brain not only is capable of visualizing "images", but emotions, sense of space and time, sounds, and pretty much every other substance of consciousness.

So, these AIs are simulating one aspect of the same approach to visualization the brain is using .

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