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Viktor Frankl: Self-Actualization is not the goal

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I love this take by Viktor Frankl and it is one of the paths that helped me. Your search for meaning, is an ever present reality for you. Everything you do has been motivated by this. When you talk about your problems you are trying to find meaning. Why do these problems exist? Are they my fault? The fault of others? When you talk about things you enjoy. You discuss how they make you feel, or why you believe you love them, or why more people should give it a try. When you seek to comfort another but sharing a shared trouble or issue. You seek to figure out how to alleviate the suffering of others. When you decide to start a business, you search for a way to get others interested in your product. The list goes on, your entire pursuit is a quest for meaning. 

Viktor makes the argument that the pursuit for this meaning with your greatest effort is how you become self-actualized. I totally agree with Viktor because all these paths will reveal aspects of yourself that are hidden that you do not realize. It will reveal your fears but it will also reveal latent talents. These latent talents could even become new pathways to new experiences for you. Potentially new relationships and destinations or locations to navigate. 

This is why you give the best of yourself, because it is through that process you reveal yourself and see yourself. Through seeing yourself you free yourself, and through freedom you become actualized. Viktor says its not the goal and he is right, because a goal implies a finish line a completion. Actualization is not a goal, its a way of life, think of it as a perspective that you can realize that will shine forth in all your actions.

If you want to know who Viktor Frankl you can read his bio here.

His life is a powerful example of what we are capable of, even in the midst of great pain and suffering around you.

The same strength, the same level of desire it takes to change your life, is the same strength, the same level of desire it takes to end your life. Notice you are headed towards one or the other. - Razard86

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