How to deal with bullies and assholes at college?

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(Didn't really know where to put this topic. Mods are welcome to shift it wherever they think is suitable).   I am attending my college and there's this one guy who's always picking on me for no reason whatsoever. He has been doing this on and off for the past 3 months now. Earlier when I used to sit right in front of him, he used to do it daily. Then after a few days of constant insults and nuisance, I changed my seats to a different row to avoid him. And I changed my friend circle.  But after a few days he started doing the same stuff once again- from far, whenever we crossed paths, etc. Thing is, I have a very weak personality because of my ailments and I am an easy target for guys like him.  Few examples-  1. He constantly insults me in front of other people.  2. He indirectly targets my parents- on father's day he indirectly called himself my father, by asking me what will I get him as a gift.  3. One time during a convo with our friends, he joked about my financial condition. He's from a rich business background, and I am from a middle-class background. He said- "Do you actually think he(refering to me) would have XX ruppees?" 4. Today when I was walking home from college, he reversed his car really fast and stopped it just one inch in front of me. I moved aside and kept walking. Then, he zoomed past me in his car literally 1 inch from me. All this to target and disturb me. And many more incidents. For him it's fun, but for me it's torture. Basically, he leaves no chance to insult and disturb me. This frustration builds up within me and leaves me with very negative emotions. The thing is, I am depressed and am suffering from some ailments. So I have very little emotional leverage and stability. And college has helped me with this- College keeps me busy and diverts my mind to other things, at least for some time.  When I interact with other people my age, I feel a little better. These little emotional leverages motivate me and help me follow my routine. They give me a sense of hope. But this guy is ruining everything. I am at such a stage in my life where one bad event will disturb me for the entire day. And this guy has done that to me many times. I want to put an end to all this bullcrap. But the problem is, I don't know what to do. Here are usually the options which come to my mind- 1. Physical fight- Not a good option, he will beat me. He's not super jacked or something, he's just a normal guy. It's just that I am super skinny and weak, because of my ailments. I am not in a condition to fight anyone. Also it can lead to suspension, etc. 2. Verbal fight/comebacks- I have tried this with him a few times. He says something, I insult him back. But most of the times he says something even worse and shuts me up. He's like a pig, and to fight him I will have to come to his level. And I don't want that. And I certainly don't have the time, interest, or energy to keep coming up with creative insults for him. 3. Complaint- I could complain about him to my class teacher or the HOD. The problem is, I don't want others to have an image of me as a teacher-tattling small kid. Also, this guy is absolutely shameless. 2 kids actually had a situation with him last semester. And our class teacher scolded him in the class. But he didn't care much, he sat on his seat and starting fucking around again in a few days. And his current target is me. Believe me, I am good at taking teases and such stuff. They are normal and fun during casual convos. But repeatedly directed hurtful insults I can't take.  I guess the best way is through proper action against him. He sits and takes classes here, but his admission is in a different college. He paid money for this- management quota. I really want to send him back to that college. That will get rid of this problem once and for all. But I don't know how to do it. So you guys tell me. What's the best course of action here? 
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