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Hello guys,

I've been having this issue lately (6+ months at this point) and it's getting out of hand.

The issue is that I feel head pressure, and a slight feeling of plugged ears combined with light brain fog/dizziness which is amplified when I wake up and go to sleep. Some other symptoms are stiff traps, neck muscles, and low energy, it feels like my head pressure has increased and I feel constant heat in my head too. 

This has been going on for more than 6 months at this point and it was so bad in the first 3 months that I didn't even leave the house and was only smoking CBD to cope.

 I've gone to multiple doctors (Otolaryngologists, Neurologists) who were unable to help or even worse said "yOu LoOk aLrIgHt" completely ignoring what I'm saying. I'm out of options at this point and although I have done tons of research I'm currently at a dead end. 

This also has put me in a negative state psychologically after months pass without me being able to find a solution and simultaneously not having the willpower or energy to achieve all the things I want to achieve.

It is my worse point, no matter what problems I used to have, not being able to be healthy and fully functional is one of the worst feelings you can have.

I realized it when @Leo Gura said in one of the latest videos, that the worse point is when you are so low that you don't have the willpower to get out of bed and that's my current situation.

My wild guesses are the following:

  • stress  (tension headache)
  • stored emotion in the muscles that need to be released
  • hope not something bad (haven't done any MRI)

If you have any idea what this is or you have gone through something similar, I would really appreciate your response!

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 This chiropractor is amazing in explaining how stress in muscles and joints goes togheter.

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Any progress? I’m having an experience like yours. Been ill now for about 18 months. Nowadays mostly pain, prior to that more diffuse discomfort also depersonalization along with it. 

Now left with the pain only but it’s bad really bad 

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Are you doing any spiritual/energetic practices? 

Head pressures could sometimes be some Kundalini arousal symptoms 

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