After God-Realization, Humble Yourself

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This is a reminder for those who choose positive polarity (aka Service to Others if you've read the Law of One).

After you realize God in yourself, realize the God in others. Instead of claiming God as a title, become a beacon of Love and Light in Service to Others, not as a Martyrdom but as a humble servant of the Creator as the Creator for the Creator, giving away your ego-based tendencies for the love of God.

Here's a beautiful quote that further touches upon the topic: 

"It was a great temptation to consider the so-called social complex or subcomplex as elite or different and better than other-selves, this one of the techniques of service to self... to inculcate(instil) the thoughts of the elite rather than concentrations upon the learning/teaching of oneness." – Ra, The Law Of One

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