Chocolates, coffee, cocoa and rotting teeth

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Bunch of caffeine. 

Hehe, I ate 8 bars of chocolate, 4 cups of coffee x per day and hot cocoa drinks for past 4 days non stop. I feel a bit jittery. The good news is that the chocolate was very appealing to my nerves. Soothing. 

But here's the bad news. I've been having horrible toothache since 2 days. It's the chocolate. It's causing my teeth to rot. I can sense it. 

My teeth are pearly white naturally. 

Any tips to reverse some of the tooth decay I'm experiencing right now. Like home remedies pleeeeeez 

Thanks guys ya'll are lovely. Muaaah. 


Warning - never give chocolates to children, never. 

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Cleared out ignore list today. 


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Good quality chocolate doesn't have that much sugar. You can eat chocolate instead of bread! ^_^ I wish it had none but even stupid law in UE doesn't allow to name chocolate as 'chocolate' if it has other sweetener instead of sugar ¬¬

Don't panic I had super annoying tooth pain, I was sure that I will need to have a canal treatment. I turned out everything was fine. I suspect that I had some vitamin C deficiency.

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7 hours ago, Preety_India said:

Like home remedies pleeeeeez 

if you suspect a dental infection, I wouldn't mess around with home remedies, at least not until I've had a dentist look at it first. If it is just some minor gingivitis (gum inflammation) maybe it can be treated naturally but some things are best addressed by a dentist as they may not just be impossibe to treat naturally but pretty nasty if they spread to other teeth or become deeper as periodontal pockets. 

Dental health is no fun. Treat is as soon as you can to prevent more systemic issues down the road. 9_9

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After eating something a minute later always rinse the mouth with water, swallow and do a light tongue cleaning. that's about all you need to do to avoid every dental issue for the rest of your life.

How is this post just me acting out my ego in the usual ways? Is this post just me venting and justifying my selfishness? Are the things you are posting in alignment with principles of higher consciousness and higher stages of ego development? Are you acting in a mature or immature way? Are you being selfish or selfless in your communication? Are you acting like a monkey or like a God-like being?

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Our body is a beautiful gift of God

It deserves to be maintained with something much better than chocolate and coffee 

Replace chocolate with something healthy 
My favorite is raisins and soaked cashews

If you binge, binge on fruits! If you still crave something, go for a run or do some recreational activity 

My favorite activity when I feel some craving is: Cleaning. 

Compost the peels and shells from fruit waste.

This way you’ll enrich the soil and also support local fruit businesses instead of supporting giant chocolate producers and shippers.

Stay healthy, happy and hydrated 

All the best 


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My home remedy is cleaning my teeth ;) But for real, when I take my time (10min) and make it a meditation then it's away after few times of brushing.

Presence. Goodness. Feeling.

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