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This YouTube channel boosted my meditation practice like crazy

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Hello, I would like to share some things that have gotten my meditation to the next level. Around 4 weeks ago I decided to start meditating every day. I did 100 days of one 1hr per day a few years ago but fell off track and have been doing it every now and then since that time. I looked at some Youtube videos for inspiration and found this one called Meditation Steps.

I followed the meditation technique. He also gives a lot of advice on how to improve your concentration outside of meditation. Some of that advice I am not willing to do but other things I will try out. Some of his advice is to not eat garlic, onions, meat, pour cold water over your belly, lower legs and lower arms and face before meditation, sing the mantra and dance before meditation, wear special underwear that keeps your penis from moving decreasing any distracting sensations, several others that you can find going through the videos. Previously, I watched all of Leo's meditation videos and really got great value from them but these meditation steps videos took my practice to another level. This is the first lesson on the basic meditation technique:

 The basic idea of the technique is to relax your muscles, imagine you are on top of a mountain or somewhere else that is beautiful, boundless and without other people. Once you are satisfied with that, focus on your breath until you achieve access concentration then start saying a mantra in your mind. The mantra is "Baba Nam Kevalam" meditate on that sound of your mind repeating the mantra over and over. After you are satisfied with that, you meditate on the meaning of the mantra which is basically "infinite love is all there is" or "Supreme consciousness is all there is." That is the steps he shares in this video. The only thing I add after this since I am meditating for a long time and want to do something else eventually is I scan my body especially around the 7 main chakra points. This is done at least 2x per day. 

Some benefits I have seen so far: I am much more aware of my emotions. If I judge or insult someone in my mind, I will instantly feel shame in my belly and realize that this pattern is hurting me. I wake up after 5-6 hours of sleep when I needed 8-9 hours before. I am still a bit sleepy but not as sleepy as if I would have gotten 5-6 hours of sleep every day before. I am in a much better mood even though I was generally in a good mood before. I am able to focus better at work and notice other people's emotions more. Sex with my girlfriend has improved a lot even though it was great before. I have been much more interested in meditating and learning about emotions than playing videogames which seems a better use of my time. 

If you are interested in starting a daily meditation practice I would recommend doing at least 10 minutes 2x a day with this technique and increasing your time slowly. 

my morning and nighttime routine:
1 Take a shower
2 End it with a cold shower splashing on my lower legs and arms, belly and face
3 Dry off
4. sing "Baba Nam Kevalam" while dancing and with my eyes closed
5. Set a timer for 1 hour
6. sit on a couple pillows on my bed and do the technique

I hope this helps someone. Good luck.

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