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Foreverywhere (emotional self awareness)

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four pillars of the tech revolution.jpg

    <title>Four Pillars of the Technological Revolution</title>
      .poem {
        text-align: center;
    <div class="poem">
      <p>The four pillars of the technological revolution</p>
      <p>Stand tall and strong, leading the way</p>
      <p>To a future of innovation and progress</p>
      <p>Where dreams become reality every day</p>
      <p>First, there is the pillar of computing</p>
      <p>With its powerful processors and endless data</p>
      <p>It drives the machines that make our lives easier</p>
      <p>And helps us connect with friends far away</p>
      <p>Next, there is the pillar of the internet</p>
      <p>A vast and ever-expanding network</p>
      <p>It connects us to the world and all its knowledge</p>
      <p>And enables us to share and learn in a moment</p>
      <p>Then there is the pillar of artificial intelligence</p>
      <p>A rapidly advancing field of study</p>
      <p>It allows machines to think and act like humans</p>
      <p>And has the potential to revolutionize industry</p>
      <p>Finally, there is the pillar of biotechnology</p>
      <p>Using science to improve and enhance</p>
      <p>From medicine to agriculture to environmental sustainability</p>
      <p>It has the power to change the world in a positive way</p>
      <p>Together, these pillars form the foundation</p>
      <p>Of the technological revolution we see today</p>
      <p>Their potential is limitless and their future bright</p>
      <p>As they lead us into a new tomorrow, full of possibility</p>


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TopGPT Edit

Tate is a gift to feminism + environmentalism = Trump is a gift to democracy

Honest lady > Tate

Don't be a pussy, women will come
Don't be a dick, women will stay

Being brave makes her crave,
Being a willy makes her think you're just silly.

Find balance.

Conflict != Waterfall cuddles

Cooperation is ultimately more appealing to humans than conflict.
That's why we haven't killed each other off yet.


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Gratitude flow

Top tier stoner movies
My Father
My Brother
My Mother
My Sister
My distant best friends
Vacuum cleaners
My bed
The Internet
The Grind
Honey bees
My Girlfriend
My Grandmother
My Car
My bullshit persona
Music again
The Sun



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