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Testing and chelating heavy metals (Belgium)

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Hi everyone,

I suspect I have a serious heavy metal toxicity (I have autism, serious fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, serious electrohypersensitivity, and some other things).

Leo's video on chelating heavy metals seems quite easy to follow if you live in the US. However, this is not the case.
I live in Belgium (EU country).
I wonder where I can order a self-test (or any other way of testing) and find the right chelation supplements within the EU.
Note that I have a serious food intolerance for certain things, some of which are sometimes used in tablets and capsules, including lactose, casein, soy, gluten and gelatine (if I exposed I have to recover for months).
Also, timing the doses is a bit difficult because of my electrohypersensitivity (even a phone on plane mode hurts my hands due to the touch screen). Ideally, I'd have a simple timer on batteries, which is configurable to sound an alarm every x hours.

Also note that I've just started supplementing to counter my undermethylation (proper methylation is required to naturally detox heavy metals). I'm also taking spirulina, which contains alpha lipoic acid. Not if this would already help to significantly reduce my heavy metal load, given some time.

Thanks in advance!

Often overlooked causes of spiritual regression are exposure to free glutamate and EMF's. For me personally the REID program has helped me a lot, but everyone walks their own path and what has a profound impact for one person might be negligible for another.

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Spirulina has shown to have many bad effects: https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/spirulina/

Possibly you can take it if it's from a good source, where there is no toxicity. I'm almost almost certain spirulina is contaminated with heavy metals where it's grown, if I remember correctly.


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