Reply to 5 Dimensions of Consciousness

By GreenWoods,
How to increase your Baseline Void Dimension  The more time you spend in a high void dimension (during spiritual practices) and the higher the void dimension during these times, the more your baseline void dimension is affected. This is usually a slow and gradual process.  - Meditation  Most people who have a high void dimension have it as a result of much meditation practices, usually easily over 10 000, 20 000 or 30 000+ hours. Meditation increases the void dimension, but it's not very effective at doing it, therefore it takes so much time. (kriya yoga is included in this category. But it's more potent at affecting  the void dimension than meditation).   - Trance Trance is a lot more effective at increasing the void dimension than meditation.   - Tiredness Tirednes or sleep deprivation increases the void dimension even more. The more time you spend being tired (and ideally meditating at these times) the more your baseline void dimension is affected. It's not recommended to attempt raising your baseline void dimension through sleep deprivation because that's not good for your health.  Better ways to use tiredness regarding the void dimension: spend the last 30 minutes before sleep in meditation in darkness with binaural beats below 8 hz waking up during sleep and meditating (again darkness + binaural beats) upon waking in the morning: meditate (darkness + binaural beats) More about that in this post. Tiredness affects the void dimension a lot more than normal meditation, but it still takes very long until the baseline is noticeably increased. Therefore trying to achieve a significant increase through tiredness or even sleep deprivation might not be a good idea.   - Attempting Sleep Yoga So that's basically a combination of trance + tiredness. Even if you don't succeed at sleep yoga, just doing the practice (and thus entering deeper and deeper states) impacts your baseline void dimension.  My baseline void dimension has significantly increased from doing sleep yoga practices for almost 2 years.     - Next Level  Here is the real deal. Spending time in these states has the biggest impact on baseline void dimension. conscious during sleep (how to: sleep yoga practices) Brahman Consciousness (how to: psychedelics, SAT transmissions, intense shamanic breathing, advanced energetic practices, jhanas) cessation (how to: jhanas) These states are very difficult to achieve. But if you manage to regularly spend time in them, then that will have a tremendous impact on your baseline consciousness.        There are other practices too that increase the void dimension, but these are the most practical.