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Best resources on shadow work ?

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have you been been successful at starting a shadow work practice ? 
what are some of your favorite resources on shadow work ? 
let’s discuss this :) 


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1 hour ago, ZzzleepingBear said:

The bunny is my favorite!



Shadow work is thrown around everywhere in spiritual talks/teachings. It's simply two steps:

1. Make the unconscious/rejected part of you conscious by observing your triggers. Other people are great for showing us what our shadows are.

2. Integrate your shadow by finding the opposite or upside of that part of you.

For example, you notice despising someone who judges people a lot. So you become aware of the fact that you don't like that part of you that judges others. Then you accept and love that part of you that judges others as you integrate the upside of judgment which is the discernment of truth/illusion or right/wrong. You can still be less judgmental toward others, but you first love judgment itself for what it is and then embrace the upside while minimizing the downside of it from a place of acceptance.

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