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A hard-core spiritual seeker wants to become more and more awake. Eventually mahasamadhi happens, the physical body dies, the whole dream dissolves and you merge with Infinite Love/God.

But most people like the human life too. So they naturally combine the enlightened state and human state.

Relative to humans, enlightenment has benefits and downsides. And human consciousness too has its benefits and downsides. 

That means, the prefered state for most people is to leave out the downsides of both states and to take the benefits of both states and thus create a new state, the post awakening state. 

  • Pre awakening state: human consciousness 
  • Awakening state: enlightened/god consciousness 
  • Post awakening state: the best of both

All enlightened people already live in a post awakening state, because it is impossible to survive in an awakened state without any human biases.

This post is about achieving a great post awakening state.


- Benefits of the Human State

Relative to most people's opinions, these are the benefits of human consciousness:

  • Identifying as a seperate self. Which is made of stuff like energy, personality, sense of self,... and has a body and mind
  • control over body and thoughts 
  • Free will
  • Preferences 
  • Enjoying duality

(Relative to human consciousness all of that is real and true)


-  Benefits of the Enlightened State

  • You are Consciousness and independent of appearances. 
  • Detachment
  • Peace 
  • Oneness
  • Love and Bliss
  • Understanding of Reality and wisdom 



- Reconciling the Identity of both States  

Here I wrote about the seperate self vs non-dual self:

The post awakening state is essentially a dual identity of both the seperate self (stage 2 in that post) and the enlightened self (stage 4) simultaneously. 

That means you are conscious that you are a seperate self and you can control and optimize that life.

And you are also conscious that the seperate self is an illusion and what you actually are is Consciousness/Emptiness/Love/God (,what you are relative to a high state of consciousness). And that you are in Oneness with everything. 

There are 2 kinds of no-self:

  1. Being conscious how the seperate self is an illusion (that's the no-self awareness that is compatible with life post awakening)
  2. Actually dissolving the seperate self. The more you do it, the more difficult it will become to survive, and eventually that seperate self completely dissolves (at that point the physical body is dead). 



- How to attain a High Baseline Enlightened State

I conceptualize the enlightened state to have 2 main components, the void dimension and pure consciousness dimension:

Practices that are most powerful to increase your baseline pure consciousness dimension:

  • Self inquiry 
  • RASA or light transmissions
  • Psychedelics
  • Intense energetic practices (transmissions, invocations , and to a lesser extend kriya yoga)
  • Hard-core concentration

A high pure consciousness dimension primarily results in wisdom, understanding, enlightened awareness,...


Practices that are most powerful to increase your baseline void dimension:

  • Practicing Sleep Yoga (=conscious during sleep) (and to a lesser extend trance practices too)
  • SAT transmissions 
  • Intense energetic practices (transmissions, invocations, kriya yoga)

A high void dimension primarily results in peace, surrender, flow state, intensifying the enlightened state,...


And if you want to increase your baseline magnitude dimension then the only realistic practice is doing advanced invocations.


- How to not lose identity with the seperate self:

  • Realize that the identity of the seperate self is true relative to human consciousness 
  • Realize that it is necessary to keep that identity in order to survive and enjoy life.
  • See it as a game and pretend being a human
  • Having a strong will
  • Having a strong intention to maintain the seperate self and its preferences no matter what
  • In case you are very serious then you can do the energetic practices in John Kreiter's Magnum Opus book. The seperate self is partly made of energy. The more energy the stronger that self (stronger in a way that it doesn't neccesarily contradict non-dual awareness), and these energetic practices increase the energy of the seperate self. Practicing all day awareness/presence can also strengthen the seperate self 


- Bias vs no Bias

In the enlightened state you have no biases. Relative to that state, this is good.

But relative to the human state this is bad. Because having no biases/preferences means that you for example don't care whether you die and whether people are murdered.

Pure enlightenment doesn't make humans more ethical, it actually makes them less ethical. In order to become more ethical you need to combine the enlightened state with the human state. To be ethical you need situational understanding and empathy, for that the human state is required. And the enlightened state can also contribute to making you a better person (awareness of Oneness, Love, no-self,...).


Also, when you are unbiased you also are no longer biased towards being unbiased, therefore you will eventually leave this unbiased state again. 

You are unbiased so you accept and love everything, all of Infinity, including hell realms.

Nirvana can end suffering temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution because eventually you start that whole cycle again and again.

The solution is to maintain your human biases/preferences. 

By maintaining your human preferences you are biased against the unbiased state and against bad things. 

That is foundational to ensure goodness for you and others.



- Love and Bliss

How to increase Love and Bliss

  • Love awakenings
  • SHAKTIPAT Transmissions
  • Reaching a full kundalini awakening (most effective for that are shaktipat transmissions. Next is kriya supreme fire and advanced invocations)
  • Heart chakra meditation: putting your attention on your heart chakra, maybe also repeating the name of an ascended master (like Jesus, Anandamayi Ma,...) and maybe letting this heart chakra shaktipat audio play too
  • Invocations of Ascended Masters
  • Bhakti Yoga 
  • Listening to energetically programmed audios like "Anahata" from the iawake website or "Vibration of Divine Love" from sapien medicine
  • Listening to devotion music: 

To increase your baseline love and bliss, shaktipat transmissions are by far the most powerful imo.

For some people it can take very long till these transmissions finally start working for real and their baseline bliss increases.

Just expose yourself as much as possible to that shakti energy.

Apart from joining live shaktipat transmissions (like from Gareth Duignam, Jan Esmann, Kai Shanti,..), I strongly recommend you let shaktipat audios play during as much of the day as possible as well as during sleep. Eventually it will start working.

For that I recommend Gareth's transmissions like this:

But you can listen to others too, like those from Kip Mazuy.


- Happiness

At post awakening you probably have some kind of detached attachment.

Attachment because you still have the human state and very much care about things. But it's different from pre-awakening, because you have the awareness and maturity and detachment skills from the enlightened state. therefore it is detached attachment. 

You are attached to things, but if you fully integrate the enlightened state as well, then your happiness doesn't (fully) depend on your attachments being fulfilled. 

So you get both, the unconditional happiness from the enlightened state (being happy independ of your life situation) and at the same time the conditional happiness from the human state (having your desires fulfilled).


- Combining Opposites

The way I see it, there are 2 main principles or energies in existence: the masculine and feminine. 

This is how I conceptualize of masculine vs feminine (in the context of this post):

  • active vs passive
  • dominant vs submissive
  • resisting vs accepting & allowing
  • Projecting vs receiving 
  • power & force vs surrender  
  • attached vs detached
  • in conflict vs in flow with "what is" 
  • external vs internal
  • order vs chaos
  • yang vs yin
  • illusonary vs non-dual
  • ego vs Infinity
  • mind vs soul

Generally when there is a duality of this vs that, then most people are either at the middle or at one extreme.

This post awakening state is about combining these extremes.

The masculine of the human state, and the feminine of the enlightened state. 

Having 2 extremes at the same time usually results in conflict, but here we try to have both extremes in harmony.





I used to be a hard-core seeker and wanted to go deeper and deeper into the enlightened state, dissolve the human state and eventually do mahasamadhi. 

These are one of the reasons why I changed my attitude:

  • God Realisation dissolved all my seeking energy
  • The realisation that everything is equally real and true. The enlightened state is not more real than the human state. The enlightened identity is true relative to the enlightened state of consciousness. And the human identity is true relative to the human state. No state is inherently better. It all depends on your preferences. 
  • Whether you decide to keep biases or dissolve biases, both is a biased decision by the ego. You can't escape the paradox. 
  • The realisation that the human state is just as real as the enlightened state also means that life matters and things are important relative to the human state
  • Contemplating the implications of Infinity, like Infinite hell realms. Which resulted in a strong rejection and aversion towards unbiased Infinity 
  • By being unbiased you accept and allow all of Infinity 
  • Suffering and evil are not love. Suffering is suffering, evil is evil and love is love. (Suffering and evil are love relative to the enlightened state but not relative to the human state). As a result the desire to reduce suffering for myself and others became strong again
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Stuff I've been contemplating lately. You've put things really well together and brought clarity for me. Thank you!! 

You are HEAVEN. We are One. ❣ Nothing but Love.

         ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ♪ Shining Ray ♫┆彡 what are you dreaming today?

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Mahasamadhi is mahasomebullshit.  Enlightenment has nothing to do with physical death.  There is no human/enlightened dichotomy, that's a particularly stupid and dangerous dogma.  Enlightenment is being fully human, without ego hangups like hating the body.

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10 hours ago, SeaMonster said:

Mahasamadhi is mahasomebullshit.  Enlightenment has nothing to do with physical death.  There is no human/enlightened dichotomy, that's a particularly stupid and dangerous dogma.  Enlightenment is being fully human, without ego hangups like hating the body.

Enlightenment is more or less literally about distancing yourself from your physicality, from compulsive cycles of being. Mahasamadhi is the ultimate version of this. Why do you think you can't operate your body and simultaneously maintain the level of awareness of seated samadhi or breakthrough 5-MeO-DMT states? 

That said, you shouldn't hurt your body to the point of systemic failure. Transcendence, not destruction.

Intrinsic joy is revealed in the marriage of meaning and being.

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13 hours ago, SeaMonster said:

Mahasamadhi is mahasomebullshit.  Enlightenment has nothing to do with physical death.  There is no human/enlightened dichotomy, that's a particularly stupid and dangerous dogma.  Enlightenment is being fully human, without ego hangups like hating the body.

When your state of consciousness becomes high enough, it becomes impossible to keep surviving physically. 

The only reason why enlightened people are alive is because they are not 100% devoted to the enlightened state. They are devoted both to the human state as well as to the enlightened state. The human state, the biasedness, is what keeps them alive.

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Sleep Deprivation for Enlightenment 

Tiredness or sleep deprivation is a relatively simple technique and yet it can be pretty effective to enter enlightened states of consciousness. 

In my experience this is far more effective for altering your state of consciousness than meditation, self inquiry, kriya yoga, transmissions, invocations,...

The more sleep deprived, the more potent. After 3 days your state of consciousness is very altered and you can have realistic hallucinations. 

Due to health, such a long sleep deprivation is usually not recommended, and it's also not necessary. 

Already 20-30 hours of no sleep (Everyone experiences around 18 hours of no sleep each day) can make a big difference. And that just means going to bed a few hours later than usual. 

If you want to try this technique, maybe stay up 1-3 hours later than usual. And then, to more quickly increase tiredness, do this for 1-2 hours:

  • no light or only red light. You can use blue light filter apps on devices.
  • listening to delta binaural beats
  • letting a SAT YouTube transmission video play
  • closing eyes
  • lyind down
  • reverse blinking

And once you're in a nice state of consciousness you can do any practice. In this state:

  • meditation and shamanic breathing becomes deeper
  • seld inquiry becomes more profound 
  • transmissions and invocations become far more energetic (in my experience)

To make sure that you don't lose consciousness (neither while waiting to get into the right state, nor while doing the actual practice) you can:

  • keep your eyes open. Or at least keep them 5-10% open. That way, you still have benefits of having eyes closed (more comfortable and deeper state) and also to some extend the benefit of open eyes (unlikely to lose consciousness)
  • sitting rather than lying
  • Holding an object in your hand. If you're losing consciousness, you lose grasp of the object and it drops, this usually causes you to regain consciousness (explained here in more detail)
  • Shamanic breathing or Wim Hof breathing 




Alternatives to staying up longer:

  • wake up during sleep, sit up (or keep lying) and do the practice. That way you enter a similar state
  • or do the practice right after waking up in the morning. And again, darkness or red light, and maybe using delta binaural beats. 



- Enlightenment 

  • my deepest awakenings are from sleep deprivation + self inquiry + transmissions/invocations. Combining them. The most significant component is sleep deprivation. 
  • sleep deprivation mainly increases the void dimension.  But it also increases the Illumination and magnitude dimension to a smaller extent. (model of these dimensions is explained here)
  • for sleep deprivation + self inquiry, I find it better to keep my eyes open and having enough light (no blue light) to see my environment. This results in a more vivid oneness experience. Because if you close your eyes, then all you are conscious of is your body (thus you tend to experience oneness only with yourself), but if you see your environment, then you can more easily experience oneness with something that is usually considered "not-you". This also results in a more pronounced no-self experience. 


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Acceptance vs Rejection 

Enlightened consciousness accepts everything unconditionally.

The ego resists and rejects what it considers "not good".

The more resistance you have to anything (like pain) the more you suffer. The more you accept unconditionally the greater your wellbeing on an internal spiritual level. 

And the greater your rejection of "not good", the greater your wellbeing on a wordly environmental level. Because rejecting what is considered "not good" makes you trying to environmentally maximize what is considered "good" and minimize what is considered "not good" (like pain).

People pre-awakening tend to only pursue environmental wellbeing. People at awakening tend to prioritize spiritual wellbeing to greater and greater extends.

If you are spiritually advanced you can exclusively focus on spiritual wellbeing and that can be enough to experience constant bliss. But:

  • this is not holistic and ignores humanness
  • this is ironically still dependent on environmental circumstances. Someone living an average life can have high wellbeing exclusively from focusing on spiritual wellbeing. But if environmental circumstances change enough (like getting kidnapped and tortured) then there is always a range of pain that exceeds your spiritual acceptance skill and thus unavoidably leads to suffering. In such a situation environmental bias and changes are necessary. Someone who is truly selfless and unconditional wouldn't resist being kidnapped in the first place. 


So the solution to holistic wellbeing is to include both spiritual and environmental wellbeing, without trying to bypass one.

For environmental wellbeing it is necessary to have biases. The stronger your biases and notions of "good" vs "bad", the better, imo.

The notion of "good" vs "bad" is deeply ingrained in humans and ensures the best chances for environmental wellbeing. If you dissolve that bias through a-human states of consciousness, you will probably pay for that sooner or later.

And yet, it is necessary to include ruthless acceptance in order to maximize overall wellbeing (at least in this local reality).

Because the more resistance you have to anything (like pain) the more you suffer.

To decrease suffering on a spiritual level, acceptance is required. Even better than acceptance is to love it. And even more effective is if you love it so mindlessly that you want even more of the pain. The further you get away from resistance, and the closer you get to these senseless levels of love, the greater your spiritual wellbeing. 

And that actually works. If I experience pain, and adopt that attitude of trying to love the pain and even getting into the mindset of wanting more of it (even if that mindest is faked) then that reduces suffering, sometimes to the point where it makes no difference for me whether there is pain or not (if the pain is low enough). But this of course only works for pain up to a certain level. If the pain exceeds the acceptance skill threshold then suffering occurs.


I suppose most people would probably prefer a fair balance between spiritual and environmental wellbeing. 

But I personally am more biased towards the ego, the environmental component. 

I love goodness and I hate suffering. And I want to hate suffering. Evil and suffering is unjustifiable and doesn't deserve love. It should be absolutely eradicated from existence for ever.

(good and bad/evil are relative so how would it be possible (just in theory) to eradicate the bad/evil absolutely? Simply by creating for each being what it considers good relative to itself. This is goodness and love. Allowing suffering to exist is evilness.)

So I do balance the spiritual and environmental wellbeing, but I pursue the spiritual component of wellbeing (unconditional acceptance) not genuinely but out of necessity because that's the only way to maximize overall wellbeing in this local reality that we're currently in. I fake loving suffering because I hate suffering, because I love goodness. Goodness is perhaps my highest value. Loving the "bad" is a calculated survival strategy for coping with the unjustifiable abusiveness of this local reality.

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Spiritual Bliss

I think spiritual bliss has these 3 main causes:


  • 1. Shakti Bliss

Shakti energy in your body causes bliss. It also makes your body sensations feel more and more like bliss.

Ways to increase your baseline shakti:

- (1) by having a high baseline void dimension 

In my experience, the higher my void dimension, the higher the shakti bliss.

How to increase your baseline void dimension: Link


- (2) by having an awakened kundalini 

How to awaken your kundalini:

  • Shaktipat transmissions
  • high void dimension 
  • advanced invocations, psychedelics, shamanic breathing, whole body orgasms, kriya supreme fire 
  • and least effective; kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, meditation 


- (3) by receiving Shaktipat transmissions 

  • in person intensives
  • online live transmissions 
  • recorded video or audio transmissions during meditation and during as much of your daily activities (including sleep) as possible 

Jan Esmann and Gareth have the strongest shaktipat in my opinion.  


- (4) by doing Invocations of Ascended Masters

The higher the shakti of an ascended master the better.

The higher your energetic sensitivity, the stronger Invocations and transmissions become. How to: Link


Keep in mind that shakti energy is different from just prana or chi, or the energy of most transmissions and invocations. Prana or chi is not blissful. In case your prana or chi ever turns blissful (for example through kriya yoga) then that's because of shakti, probably due to activating the kundalini. 

At least that's my current understanding. 




  • 2. Acceptance 

The higher your unconditional acceptance, the higher your spiritual bliss.

I talked about that in the previous post.

How to increase your acceptance skill:

  • willingness to accept what you don't like
  • ego surrender 
  • presence, mindfulness and self-awareness 
  • void dimension (a high void dimension makes surrender and acceptance a lot easier. Acceptance is actually a natural effect of a high void dimension)




  • 3. Enlightenment 

Being conscious of non-dual nature increases bliss.

The more profound your enlightened state, the higher the bliss.

The level of profoundness depends on:

  • illumination dimension 
  • void dimension 
  • magnitude dimension 
  • which facets of awakening you're conscious of
  • surrender and deconstruction of the ego mind.




- Summary

So these are the main causes for spiritual bliss:

  • shakti (energetic state)
  • acceptance (mind state)
  • enlightenment (consciousness state)


- Other causes for spiritual bliss 

  • sense of purpose 
  • open heart chakra 
  • healed traumas
  • being present
  • ...


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4 hours ago, GreenWoods said:


So these are the main causes for spiritual bliss:

  • shakti (energetic state)
  • acceptance (mind state)
  • enlightenment (consciousness state)

Good stuff!

"The journey never ends, the point of arrival is always now." 

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