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There are many factors that determine whether manifestation (= changing subjective and objective reality) is successfull. 

There are factors that decrease and factors that increase the probability of manifestation.


  • Inherent probability (for example the inherent probability of winning the lottery is extremely small)
  • Mundane efforts, life situation
  • Entities, astrological forces
  • Luck, karma, genetics, talent, astrological birth chart
  • Personal power, energy level, subconscious connection, open psychic senses, mental state
  • Intuition
  • Subconscious blocks
  • ....

If the net sum of positive and negative factors is a high positive probability then manifestation is likely.

There are 3 main psychic powers that can cause manifestation. 


  • 1. External Power

External astral entities and forces like angels, gods and ascended masters can manifest. They do this by using the 2nd and 3rd powers.

By asking them for help, they can add power to your manifestations.

I wrote about that here:


Angelic magick is pretty much the most effective manifestation technique, unless you are very powerful yourself.



  • 2. Conscious Power 

Your conscious self can cause manifestation.

Intent + energy = a force that impacts reality

The net sum intent is dependent on all your intent you have during the day related to that desire + all thoughts + all mental images + the nature/kind of your emotions (for example gratitude vs despair) related to that desire.

The amount of energy is dependent on how much psychic energy (which is mainly dependent on your psychic energy level) is put into that net sum intent and the intensity of the emotions.

To sum up:

Intent (= intent + thoughts + mental images + nature of emotions)

+ Energy (= psychic energy + emotional intensity)

= a force that impacts reality


Everything is energy. So to put it very simple all these thoughts, intents, emotions and energy merge and form into a bubble and this energetic bubble then impacts objective reality on an energetic level and in that way causes manifestation.

Manifestation Practices:

  • Servitors and thought forms the way John Kreiter explains in his book manifest wealth. It's about intentionally creating such energetic bubbles and making them as powerful as possible. 
  • You can also simply just do basic law of attraction visualizations. That's essentially the same as these thought forms and servitors. But it's a less complex and less powerful version, but can still work obviously.
  • Living in the vibration/state of your desire already fullfilled, in that way you constantly push energy and emotions into the manifestation of your desire.
  • Having your mental attention on your desires being fulfilled. In that way you constantly push energy into it (energy flows where focus goes).
  • Affirmations. 
  • Avoiding doubt and negative thoughts because this also forms these energetic bubbles and these then decrease the likelihood of manifestation. 


Practices to increase your level of psychic energy:

  • Doing the energetic practices from John Kreiter's Magnum Opus book
  • Transmissions and invocations can naturally increase that energy level too
  • Physical energy level has an impact on your psychic energy level, that means: diet, health, working out,...
  • Qi Gong
  • Chi audi (energetically programmed, similar to a transmission) from the iawake website

But John Kreiters energetic practices are really the only ones that realistically increase your psychic energy level to any meaningful degree such that it would actually have a noticable impact on the power/likelihood of your manifestations.

But these energetic practices only really work when you are energetically sensitive. So for most people it's probably best to just ignore that part about energy, manifestation works even if you ignore that. But for advanced people this could be a nice way to add further power.



  • 3. Unconscious Power 

- the Unconscious

The subconscious can affect reality too. I prefer using the term the unconscious instead because that is a broader term.

The way I see it, the unconscious is your soul and is essentially made of pure formless consciousness + everything in your psyche that is not conscious. 

(There are many different useful perspectives how you can define the soul, here I'm just using the one that seems to fit best into this context)

All of the unconscious is ultimately consciousness too, it's just that relative to the ego it is unconscious, therefore it's called unconscious. 

Similiar to how deep sleep is regarded as unconscious relative to the ego. But actually there is still a very small sliver of consciousness there. So the unconscious (deep sleep) is actually consciousness too, but relative to the ego/conscious self deep sleep is unconscious (for most people).


- Mechanics of Manifestation 

I don't have a deep understanding yet how the unconscious actually affects reality. But my current understanding is this:

It happens in a very direct way, similar to how the unconscious creates and affects the environment during dreams.  

The difference between dream reality and this reality is that the dream environment is completely dependent on your unconscious. While the environment here is the net result of your unconscious and the collective unconscious (everyone's unconscious + the unconscious of Earth, Mars, stones, storms, animals,... )

Based on awakenings, I believe that there is no external objective reality but only subjective bubbles of consciousness. In a dream your bubble is formed by your unconscious (and a bit by your conscious self too). In this reality (which is also a dream) your bubble is the net result of the influences of your unconscious and the collective unconscious.

For example if the unconscious of all humans wanted to dissipate the Earth, it wouldn't work because the unconscious of the Earth is stronger.

The collective unconscious has influence on your bubble because your unconscious is connected with the collective unconscious (which could also be called the human oversoul and your soul is a small part/extension of that).

From an enlightenment perspective, nothing changes between being awake and dreaming (in both scenarios there are appearances happening). From the relative perspective, the difference is, that your unconscious kinda plugs out of the collective unconscious 'matrix' and therefore there is no more influence on each other. So then, when you dream, you can for example easily make your neighbor's house disappear. It is easy because you don't need to overpower the collective unconscious. And as a consequence, this same house is not affected in other people's bubbles (because you were plugged out).


- How to access the Power of the Unconscious 

Your unconscious is extremely powerful, it is probably powerful enough to allow you to do instant healings, moving objects and levitation.

But that is not possible for most people because they have too little control on the unconscious, they can only access an extremely small part of its power. In order to do such miracles in this reality you would need more access to the power of your unconscious in order to overpower the influence of the collective unconscious. 

The more your conscious self is merged with your unconscious, the more access it has to its power.

To put it simply, the degree of that merger correlates with the degree that your conscious self is conscious of the unconscious. 

That means a full merger would include being conscious during all of your sleep (conscious during what is normally unconscious). John Kreiter talks about that in his projectionist and death defier books.

More generally, this is about the Void Dimension.

The degree of your baseline void dimension somewhat correlates with the degree of that merger (one factor). 

People wonder why some enlightened people have psychic powers and others not. It's a complex topic, but I think the main component is that those who have psychic powers tend to have far higher baseline void dimension. 

For example, Bhagawan Nityananda is said to have done miracles. The vibe I get from looking at pictures of him is that he had both a very high baseline void and pure consciousness dimension. But his void dimension was higher. 

The vibe I get from Leo is that his baseline pure consciousness dimension is higher than Nityananda's, but his void dimension is far lower. Which is probably the main reason why Nityanada could perform miracles and Leo not.

Nityananda has such a high baseline void dimension because he probably spent a lot of time in Brahman consciousness.  Brahman Consciousness has a very high degree of void dimension. 

The best ways to increase that baseline void dimension are through Sleep Yoga or through entering Brahman consciousness. 

So that would be the goal for someone who wants to increase access to the power of the unconscious to a large extend, and thus essentially increasing personal power.

But this is a difficult and long journey, which doesn't bring much benefits at the beginning.

So for the vast majority of people it is best to use practices that convey your conscious intent to the unconscious and in that way you indirectly access its powers. This pretty much has only practical benefits (for manifestation) and doesn't increase the merging of your conscious self with the unconscious. 

 So these Practices are:

  • Subliminals:
  • Aligning your vibration with the desired manifestation (more detail later)
  •  basically most of the practices I mentioned for conscious manifestation have an impact on the unconscious too. Because having these thoughts, intents, mental images, feelings and emotions conveys your intent to the unconscious too.  So all these practices essentially work in 2 ways. Some more in one way, some more the other way, all of that is complex of course. Generally, the closer your connection/merger with your unconscious, the less resistance your unconscious has, and the more energy and emotional intensity is behind the intent, and the more aligned your vibration, the stronger that intent impresses/imprints into the unconscious, which can then manifest that intent.
  • Fake memories. Law of attraction techniques try to align your present and future with your ideal reality. If you want you can align your past as well, by changing your memories, by pretending that you have been on the desired timeline for months. So every time you remember the past, try to overwrite it with your desired past, until this becomes more and more plausible. If your unconscious starts believing that you've always been on that timeline then that dissolves unconscious blocks that are in the way of the manifestation of that timeline. (With all these techniques of pretending of already having, of course don't do it in a stupid naive way)
  • Here the role of belief and positive expectation is more important than for conscious manifestation. Because for subconscious manifestation it's all about conveying your intent, and doubt obviously distorts that.




- Successful Manifestation 

The unconscious is more powerful than the conscious self. If the conscious self has a certain intent but the unconscious is primed opposite, then that's most likely what's going to manifest. 

So it's important to ensure that there are no unconscious blocks. And that's what law of attraction techniques are really good at, they remove these blocks to enable manifestation.

And that can be enough for successfull manifestation, but for more difficult manifestations it can be necessary to add more power. So that usually means adding more energy or more emotional intensity or more time being focused on that desire or aligning your vibration more with your desire or trying to imprint that intent more strongly into the unconscious. And most effective is to ask external entities to add power.


- Resonance 

The main law of attraction technique is to align your vibration/state with your desired manifestion and to live as though your desire is already manifest.

It should now be clear how that is a technique for both conscious and unconscious manifestation. 

But it can also be explained with resonance. If you have the same vibration as the desired manifestation, then they resonate and kind of attract each other. I guess that's the main idea behind the law of attraction.

The way it seems to me (but I'm not sure), this essentially boils down to the unconscious again.

When you have a certain internal vibration, then you are essentially promting your unconscious to align the external with that vibration, basically to create scenarios of that same vibration in the external. 

You could also look at it like that, there are infinitely many possible futures, all having their own vibration, and your internal vibration promts your unconscious to pull (or rather create) you towards timelines of similar vibrations.

Priming your unconscious with your vibration can be quite powerful.

So yeah this main law of attraction technique can indeed be quite powerful.

The biggest problem is that it is very difficult to maintain that vibration. And of course, the better aligned your vibration, and the more time you spend in that vibration, the more likely and faster the manifestation. 



Anyway, try whatever resonates with you, and if you feel like not enough is happening you can experiment with other techniques too.


All of this post is my current understanding based on research, practices and energetic perception. 

That model is still far from perfect and might have flaws. 


(Oh I guess this post might better fit into the spirituality subforum, idk. Feel free to move it)

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