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By ll Ontology ll in Self-Actualization Journals,
I spend so much time building my mind. I don’t want to be cognitive here for a long time, like those two weeks to month as I was saying about those models. Let’s get cracking, the heart doesn’t need any preparation it just goes for it. ——————————————————- In a tropical thunder storm I see the black panther moving down the man made path. I can feel the bellowing cat growl underneath it’s breath to communicate a sense of seriousness but not to frighten. She is black, strong and fully grown. She does not care about the pounding rain thundering over her, she is used to this, she has been here all before. The rain pours and pours and pours and she makes slow movements down the path and through a garden archway where on the other side their is pure bright light shining through that juxtaposes the muddy rain and pouring thunder bolts that would awaken any neighbourhood. She slips to the left of the archway out of view and then when the view returns of her she is laying on the ground crying out in lain. I place my hand on her heart and I can feel her trouble inside. She cries and cries and cries inside and she does not know what to say other than “help”. Help towards the healing of the heart, sow everything and make it feel right inside. Something was banished, a long time ago, though it lingers there, waiting to be noticed and seen. Felt and touched. Touched through song, touched with heart of hearts, felt through the vines that connect the heart with the rest of the universe. This is an explosion and it is an explosion from the heart, the end of its rays the final and whole embrace of the universe and all that can come to light. “From this darkness”, the panther can be heard exclaiming from underneath its weakened grows. “From this darkness”. The panther focuses on the piercing light, light symbolic no doubt of the love that it knows is trying to pierce from the inside to out from the outside to in. The thundering rain and the muddy water begin to part. Life. New start. Love.  
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