Is materialistic success inversely proportional to consiousness level?

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On 5/2/2022 at 11:46 AM, 8gates said:

Hello guys.im new here and this is my first post.im a big fan of actualized.

I was wondering if the lower consiouse someone is the easier it is for them to be materialistically succesful (eg-women,money,power etc)

Eg-take trump for example.leo has said in videos that trump is stage reddish.

Yet he has millions of dollars,has dated multiple model calibre women and has alot of power(literally was probably the most powerful man in the world as potus).

Another example is this guy


Whenever someone critisizes this guy on twitter he wastes no time before bringing the critisizers entire family into the situation.i remember in one video of his(which is deleted on yt now)he said hes proud of that one of the girls he dumped got plastic surgery because he refused to have sex with her. I assume hes stage red or orange

Is there something to the idea that the lower consious you are the easier it is for you to accumilate materialistic things?

Edit-guys is there a relationship between intelligence and consiousness?the 2nd guy was a chess champion at one point and seems to be quite smart.     Is it possible to be highly intelligent but still unloving,unconsious and hurt others?

Andrew tate is highly smart in the physical world but knows nothing about what we talk about here. but he is self aware and mindful so he will do something fucked up but at least he knows its fucked up, theres no illusion or deception there. so basically he trained his ego which he thinks is him to do what he wants it to do. he mastered the mind but hasn't gone beyond it. I think thats why he gets what he wants. he's a very interesting character, one of a kind. at first my mind couldn't understand it but thats because the mind always has its own assumptions that it expects things to fit into. 

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