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15 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

I just basically get a sense of their vibe and the way they speak and I can quickly see how awake they are. Just the way they speak about God in a few sentences tells me everything they are missing. They are not speaking with clarity and directness.

Same here. But in Angelo's case: when that was what you saw, it's almost certainly the case that he just wasn't, right then and there, in the process of coaxing someone to their next step in deconstructing the illusion of separation.

You've read Jed McKenna right? This fellow Angelo is basically a real-life, present-day, active-online (and anesthesiologist) version of the Jed character in those three enlightenment books. And if you think Jed was missing God, while I wouldn't strongly disagree, because I can't know that absolutely... all I do know absolutely is that I'm not. And I see the same in both you and Jed, and Angelo. With Jed it'd just be plainly obvious there's no God outside of what I am -- he even describes this (his state, though sometimes that has to be implied) multiple times as "seeing everything forever in all directions" -- and if he's referring to what I'm certain he is, then that's effectively enlightenment or God realization (though it doesn't need a name, it's simply absolute truth) and there's nothing else beyond it... To be clear I'm not saying enlightenment reaches a point where nothing more develops and expands relatively speaking. And the quoted description of Jed's is obviously not merely metaphorical but also obviously not merely referring to the visual sense.

And for some, that of course would beg another question... Jed wasn't missing Love, either. In his body of work he just calls it agape, and uses the word "love" to describe personal love, which seems to be why it's possible for one to think Jed has missed the facet of Love.

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On 5/12/2022 at 6:14 PM, Leo Gura said:

You need a radical alteration of your state of consciousness. Intention isn't good enough. Mediation isn't good enough. Self-inquiry isn't good enough. Only a change in state is enough.

Through a radical shift in state of consciousness.

Because your state runs everything and you are contemplating and intending from within a certain limited state which will never be good enough. You can't break out of your state through sober contemplation alone. Nor even mediation.


I am telling you that all of that is child's games compared to God-realization.

You do not understand what God is, nor do any of the teachers you've been following. They are not God-realized. You will  not understand this until you realize what God is. It's way beyond nonduality or any Buddhist bullshit. There is no way for me to explain it to you. You just have to awaken deeper.

I am talking about the fact that you are imagining every spiritual thing. You are even imagining nonduality and all those nondual teachers and teachings. You are even hallucinating right now that you've ever meditated. Your meditation itself is a just a dream.

God-realization is not transcendence of the present. It is full, 1000% presence. But you don't have that now. What you have is some weak-sauce neo-advaita idea of presence and God.

Nobody is teaching what I am teaching. It's not all the same. And there is no way I can prove that to you. But I have awoken to levels that nobody teaches or talks about. You will never reach it via meditation. Never. You can fully master Buddhism and you will still not reach it. I have reached complete omniscience. And it has nothing to do with suffering or liberation. And it's the only thing you will ever want if you ever reach it.

How can I possibly claim and know such things? You will never understand until you reach what I have reached. It cannot be communicated. It requires infinite bandwidth to get it.

What has this done for you though?  How does this affect your "now"?  There's a huge part of me that really badly wants to experience this as you have, but when I reflect carefully, that part of me is entirely ego-based.  It is only the "I" that wants this, that feels the lack that needs this, that feels incomplete without this.  It is the "I" that needs to understand, that wants to experience omniscience or infinity, etc.

From a truly ultimate perspective the infinite omniscient "ALL" is no better or worse than a paperclip.  All contains one and one contains all.  There is nothing that could possibly be more or better than anything else because of this.  There's no higher or lower, there's no better or worse.  Can you honestly say you experience this kind of absolute equanimity? 

THAT is what enlightenment and God-realization truly is about.  Anything but that is evidence of illusion/delusion remaining.  That's why I say you aren't there, no matter how deep your trips are.  There is a falling backwards that happens in the heart of paradox, and that is where folks like Angelo and Frank Yang have gone and reside.  I am convinced that is much more the point of existence than trip insights.

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In case I forgot... meant to post this:

Simple yet rather complete, accurate, and useful and relatable overview of the path.

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