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21 hours ago, TheWatcher said:

@thisintegrated any areas worth mentioning? any underrated topics worth studying? 

It's all the same.  Nothing is really unique.  You will learn the same things no matter what you study.  Good at music composition = good at art composition = good at scene composition in films = good at business management, etc.

How? Well, for example, if you start with music, you may learn about the importance of maintaining a tonal centre, and if you ever went into film directing / story telling this understanding will translate into the protagonist being the focal centre the story keeps returning to.  In music you may also learn about sonic texture and contrast, so when drawing a landscape you'll automatically have an in-depth subconscious understanding of how to use color to convey an emotion/idea.

If you see a painting you don't like, you know you also won't like the artist's music as the music won't be any different from their art.  It's all the same, so whatever format you choose to work in / study doesn't really matter.  You're really just exploring your own mind.  No matter what you choose to do, you'll keep coming to the same realizations and the same ideas.  This is why it's good to pursue everything.  The sooner you see it's all the same, the sooner you'll progress to stage Yellow.

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Love and relationships.

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On 30/4/2022 at 11:43 AM, Ninja_pig said:

I respectfully disagree with this. Every morning we all make a very important decision, and that is whether or not to kill ourselves. If there really is no meaning, we should just kill ourselves. That is what I would do anyway. I'm not even saying this to be shocking or bleak, it's literally just the most logical option. Anyway, humanity is a beautiful thing, and having a reason to be here is one of the core aspects of becoming human. You can't just dismiss it or life is just grey.

Meaning is RIGHT now. Go speak to people NOW lol we’re all living it. People don’t see each other is all.

Loved your point all in all.

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Love and Life


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