Why do I have such a low level cap irl?

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18 hours ago, A_v_E said:

@Leo Gura i give it to you the energy power for 1 million. Practice semen retention for a year you going to transcend god :D




I can already hear the cursing .. your mouth leo ! 

Also Here is my wallet address : it's free I m a good soul.


Nice insights overall. I m envious of people who draw a tons. I can't do same thing. I have da Vinci disease of beingness. Which has cons and pros. My niche is to have none. 


   Too much social media?

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10 hours ago, BlurryBoi said:

@Leo Gura


Isn't Horny a form of Energy ?

What if you Canalized this energy into giving energy to get more energy


Sexual-Energy needs a Medium, i would assume that Ejaculation is Just ONE of Multiple Mediums.




  1. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn.
  2. How is it different to other types of energy work?  How is this any different to prana breathing or something?  Cum 10 times in a row, and do 10 "mindful" breaths or something to make up for the """energy loss""".
  3. No evidence of "actual energy" increases.  "Elevated Prana levels" (lol) are kinda useless for 99% of the population.
  4. If Leo learned this through years of penis/testicle exercises or whatever.. how would that benefit anyone??  He wouldn't make a video on this.



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