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itachi uchiha

This knowledge comes from the golden chain of naqshabandi order

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This knowledge comes from the Golden Chain of the Naqshbandi Order
Dear reader, this is the most important message you have received in your life up to now. While writing this message, we assumed that you would have only reached a conclusion after reading the entire message. This text has been carefully put together so that the common reader can understand this extremely difficult subject with relative ease. Take your time.

The following key points are addressed in this text: -The Coronavirus -Vaccinations -Nanobots / Chemtrails -Mind control -Weather manipulation by means of HAARP -Djinns / satans / shaytaan of the fourth dimension -The false phenomenon of enlightenment -The third eye / pineal gland as an instrument of the false messiah / antichrist / mesih ad-dajjal -The deceptive technique "Law of attraction" -The second coming of the real Messiah Jesus / Al Mesih Isa ibn Maryam -The Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) for protection against the fitna of dajjal

" Oh, surely the friends of Allah have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve." (Surah Yunus 10 verse 62)

This text can be perceived as urgent. This is true in some respect, but that does not mean that you can sit back and take the time to study this information. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you will have noticed that the world is no longer what it used to be, and that it is changing very quickly. There are many different opinions and interpretations about the current status of the world with regards to the Coronavirus and everything related to it. We are convinced that there is much more going on in the background than a simple virus that has turned the whole world upside down. We will not withhold any information from you and we are straight to the point from the start. We live in the end times, which means there are going to be many drastic changes in the world. The start of these drastic changes is the CORONAVIRUS. The Coronavirus originates from the world of the jinns / satans (the fourth dimension). The Coronavirus is the FIRST SIGN OF THE DAY OF JUDGMENT. DABBAT UL ARD. The virus comes from the jinns / satans in order to further and more thoroughly realize their plans. This virus is a cause for many consequences that the world will experience. To finally complete the arrival of the ANTICHRIST aka AL MESIH AD DAJJAL. Who will declare himself as god from JERUSALEM.

Before the antichrist can come to earth to declare himself "god", he will have to convince all mankind of his so-called status. This is the plan that he and Iblis and all of the satans have been working on for over a thousand years. They have access to four dimensional technologies. With these technologies they have an enormous influence in our current world. They greatly influence our thinking, beliefs, actions and deeds. They have achieved this by infiltrating all aspects of our lives, from the food we eat to the type of music we listen to and what entertainment we seek out. From the education system to the workplace. And even the air we breathe. They long for total control over the masses, control over how we think, what we eat, what we see, in short, the satans want control over all our senses, and especially control over our brain.

They have already succeeded to a large extent. And the Corona virus will contribute a great deal to this; which silences us in many areas and takes away our normal rights. The whole world can now be easily steered in the direction the shaytaan/satans want. We warn You of the vaccinations being forced on all of humanity, which are going to prepare the human brain for total submission to their plan.

let's talk a little bit about our basic need; air / oxygen: Our air has been sprayed for decades with nanobots and ultra-fine (nano) particles of metals (such as aluminum, strontium) and toxic substances by means of so-called chemtrails. These penetrate our body very easily and make the brain and its way of thinking docile, dependent, accommodating and naive. But more importantly make the body an antenna for very dangerous frequencies / mind control.

Vaccinations are brimming with nanobots (billions) that will take over the heart and brain. The heart is sabotaged and manipulated. Many nanobots are stationed at strategic locations in the heart and brain to send signals, frequencies and electrical impulses. With the pure purpose of mind control. In order to whisper thoughts into the brain (these come from the world of the jinns), and to make these thoughts / whisperings seem as if they come from the HEART, with the result that the individual is completely manipulated to be convinced that these thoughts belong to oneself. The heart is much more than an organ. The heart is where Allah is. The whole plan of dajjal is to bypass the heart and its FEELINGS / REALIZATIONS and make the brain (and the third eye) master of the heart. This bypassing is accompanied by thoughts / logic that resembles a feeling but is in fact a thought from the brain. So in addition to forcing artificial and unnatural thoughts, the heart and its feelings and realizations are IMITATED. These signals that the nanobots receive and send come from the fourth dimension, the nanobots themselves are from the third dimension but they are designed by the jinns and receive assignments from the jinn world (the fourth dimension).

NANOBOTS / NANOMATERIAL / NANO DUST / ULTRA FINE PARTICLES is in our food, in the air, and can also be carried in large numbers with weather conditions such as snow/blizzard or hail, these weather conditions are manufactured by highly advanced technology (HAARP). This means that this is artificial snow or hail. This kind of snow or hail remains intact for a very long time without melting. An example of this is the last snowstorm in early February 2021 in Western Europe. It was fabricated snow that did not contain water. Artificial snow does not contain water because nanobots and nanodust cannot withstand direct contact with water. Nanobots are very small, making it necessary to use a means of transport such as these weather conditions. By means of these manufactured blizzards, loads of nanobots can be transported to a specific place to target someone. They call this a "targeted individual". Or, for example; to flood a certain place in the world with nanobots. Nanobots contain very advanced technologies and are largely autonomous and can repair each other at a nanoscopic level and even build new nanobots from the nanomaterial, they can also perform certain tasks by through these frequencies/signals. These nanobots are made to enter an individual's body and to create havoc, but especially to make humans an antenna / receiver for signals and frequencies (these extremely low frequencies can also cause diseases and ailments such as cancer in the human body e.g. by mutating cells). These frequencies and signals come from cell towers and satellites. The bandwidth used is different from that we use for cellphone contact or internet. This technology originated in the fourth dimension and the jinns from the fourth dimension can use these transmission masts and cellphone towers as a portal / opening for their own frequencies and signals. This with the main goal of mass mind control and mass brainwashing.

We live in a time where mass censorship is the norm. We live in a time where one is constantly influenced by the satans (jinns of the fourth dimension), a time where one has no opinion of his own and can think for himself, but belongs to a GROUP MENTALITY. This is exactly what iblis and dajjal want to make their plan work. We assure you that this plan will fail. The plan is to proclaim the FALSE MESSIAH as god on Earth, and to sabotage the heart of every individual to stop being able to distinguish the truth from falsehood. To create a false enlightenment in everyone so that one thinks that nirvana / eternal pleasure / bliss will come to Earth and that good and bad do not exist. That good deeds and bad deeds will both lead to enlightenment. So that no matter what you believe, no matter what norms and values you have, everyone has to accept each other for the choices they make, no matter how blasphemous and scandalous they are.

This plan goes in conjunction with mainstream media and mega corporations. These are controlled by individuals with increasingly higher functions (pyramid system). Each time they in turn receive assignments from someone in a higher rank, those assignments ultimately come from the "elite". These are SATANISTS, whom have sold their souls for a small price. They in turn receive assignments from the fourth dimension or the world of the satans / jinns. This is a hierarchy that has existed for over a thousand years, and has been working on the dajjalic master plan for over a thousand years. his mission is to impersonalize the real MESSIAH. THE REAL MESSIAH IS JESUS / AL MESIH ISA IBN MARYAM (Peace be upon Him) who will come back to rectify his name. (The SECOND COMING of Christ). The false messiah / antichrist is a jinn who devised and executes this master plan from the fourth dimension, and who will eventually emerge in human form in the third dimension.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) said the following about this fitna (trial) in a hadith / tradition: "From the creation of Adam (Peace be upon Him) to the end of time there is no greater fitna than that of Dajjal." The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) has warned us of this, and has told us the following; "The dajjal (false messiah) will be blind in one eye, and between his eyes will be written Kaafir (denier)." You will have to interpret this literally. The dajjal in human form can be recognized by his left eye, the right eye is blind. The symbol of the ("all-seeing") eye can now be found everywhere in entertainment, such as music and movies. This is to prepare humanity for his coming. The "all-seeing eye" also has a deeper meaning; it stands for the third eye, or the pineal gland, which is an organ in the brain. This organ is calcified in 99% of humanity. The reason for calcification is the use of fluoride in our drinking water and toothpaste. Fluoride is very quickly attracted by the pineal gland, and fluoride in turn attracts calcium very quickly. The so-called "enlightened gurus" or "enlightened masters" all have an open third eye. These are FALSE PROPHETS. This third eye is also called "the seat of the soul". This is not the seat of the soul but a PORTAL / entrance to the fourth dimension or the dimension where the jinns / satans live. When this organ is decalcified, or "opened", the person comes into contact with the beings (satans / jinns) of the fourth dimension. This by means of visions, communication and four dimensional information that are, as it were, uploaded to the brain of that person. The phenomenon of "enlightenment" is nothing but a complete BLASPHEMY devised by satans to prepare humanity for the arrival of their leader: THE ANTICHRIST / DAJJAL / FALSE MESSIAH.

Enlightenment is an artificial form of spirituality that goes against the will of Allah and is directed from the fourth dimension. The satans of the fourth dimension have very advanced technologies and simulations to send a lot of information to the third eye. This is a second way to sabotage humankind.

For the non "spiritual" people there is a third form of blasphemy which prepares them for the coming of the false messiah; and that is the "LAW OF ATTRACTION" AKA MANIFESTATION. Law of attraction (manifestation) is by no means a law of the universe. It is a false technique of shaytaan / jinns of the fourth dimension and part of the fitna of dajjal. It prepares people to recognize themselves as god on earth and to believe that they themselves can manifest their destiny. The people who seem to succeed are helped (knowingly or mostly unknowingly) by these jinns of the fourth dimension to get certain things done, such as worldly success and wealth. The jinns can (even without the help of the aforementioned technologies) read people's thoughts, influence them and also whisper new thoughts. In this way they know the desires and wishes of the individual and will do everything they can to ensure that the "law of attraction" appears to be working. Our advice is: stay as far away from this fitna as possible.

The first way to prepare people for the coming of the antichrist by means of / brainwashing / mind control: Placing billions of nanobots in humans so that one becomes an antenna for the four dimensional frequencies / mind control. This by means of food, air, vaccinations, medication, etc. The second way to prepare people for the antichrist: Making the path to enlightenment specious and worthwhile to them and subsequently making them open (decalcify) the third eye. As a result; the brain and with it the heart are hijacked, and it is very difficult for the person in question to escape this madness. The false messiah wants to make the world completely sacrilegious before his coming, and make all of mankind believe in enlightenment. The third way to prepare for the coming of the false messiah: To convince people they can manifest their own destiny and life circumstances, and that they are themselves the cause of their success and sustenance(rizq). This by means of the false "law of attraction". This technique will make it easier for these people to walk the path of false enlightenment and self-centered behavior.

Enlightenment is to take away the feelings of the heart, and make the brain master over the heart. To recognize himself/herself as a god on earth and to be convinced that this life is the only life there will be, without consequences for your actions. That there are no good or bad deeds and that everything is a game of the mind. That the world is an illusion and that it doesn't matter what you do or believe in. This is complete and total BLASPHEMY.

The above three ways are each in preparation for the false messiah's coming and for recognizing him as a god on Earth. He will proclaim himself from Jerusalem as god on earth. To impersonalize the REAL MESSIAH Al Mesih Isa ibn Maryam. The real messiah will descend to kill the dajjal and to restore his name from all that has been told of lies about him. THE REAL MESSIAH ISA IBN MARYAM DOES NOT BECOME GOD ON EARTH AND IS NOT THE SON OF GOD.

This whole situation and even worse calamities will come to the earth because humanity does not follow the Sunnah (way of life) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). And have denied the signs of Allah.

To give some examples; Gold and silver has been replaced by electronic money. Working in Allah's name has been replaced by 9 to 5 slavery in the workplace for a "boss". Spiritual knowledge and heavenly knowledge has been replaced by worldly education. Blessed clothing such as the turban and headscarf prescribed by Allah (swt) has been replaced by modern jeans and shirts. The recitation of the Holy Quran has been replaced by music. And there are countless more examples that can be cited.

These substitutions are against the will of Allah and these are signs of the end times. Anyone who lives in this society without any rebellion or counter-will is contributing to this unblessed modern world in which we live.

After reading this text you may wonder what the solution is to all this = THE SUNNAH OF THE PROPHET MOHAMMED (Peace be upon Him); A simple but very important example is the making of Wudu (the ritual washing), this washing has much more meanings than just washing body parts, the water contains realities of angels that we cannot comprehend. Making wudu preserves your energy and protects against diseases and shaytaan (satan) that want to attack you. And protection against the frequencies.

Using the Miswak / Siwak (Islamic toothbrush) daily as all the prophets did and especially the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) is more than just cleaning the teeth and cleaning your speech. It is a way of grounding yourself from evil energies and electromagnetic frequencies being sent to your head and heart.

Wearing a ring with Aqeeq (agate) protects you from the fitna of dajjal and ground and protects your heart and energy.

The use of Musc (black musk) is to scare the bad jinns and to protect yourself against these frequencies.

The Asaa (walking stick) is a way to ground yourself from these electromagnetic energies and frequencies.

The Habbat Sawda (black seed oil) is to protect your skin from these frequencies so that it is more difficult to enter your body. And internally it will fight the diseases.

All the Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) are a protection against the fitna of dajjal with infinite wisdom and blessings that Allah has put into it.

Sayyidina Muhammad (saw) was sent as a mercy to all mankind from Allah the one god. His Sunnah / way of life is therefore applicable to every age, and to every kind of fitna / trial, not just the fitna of dajjal.

As it says in the Holy Quran: ‘And declare, “The truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed, falsehood is bound to vanish.”’ Surah Al-Isra 17 verse 81)

The ultimate peace and blessings to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). May the one god Allah protect you.

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In my opinion, naqshbandi teachings and principles are great and this text seems to stem from good intentions, but is itself heavily influenced by the beings it warns about and is subject to some cultural distortions which makes it quite dangerous, because your heart recognizes that there is something deeply true about it and yet, it twists the essential and important truths. This is just an opinion.

Here are a few parts in which the text misses the point:

- The definition given of enlightenment

- The literal interpretation of the 2nd coming of christ

- The understanding of the 3rd eye as a device for control of the heart and mind control

- The underlying tone of doom

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Itachi you gotta use your sharingan to see through this bullshit

Edited by Gidiot

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I can’t tell if this is a joke or real but either way this is level 5 conspiracy theories shit. If you are for real there is no fucking way that you’ve ever genuinely contemplated any of leos videos.

There are literally hundreds of absolutely insane claims here I bet you’ve never verified anyone of them.  Get a real kid you have no fucking idea what you just copied and pasted.

Post your art work here. 

https://www.act —


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