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Alternative healing experience

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As brief as possible;

Few weeks back I was out camping on the back of my Ute which I have a mattress to sleep on under the stars.

With a mild dose of lsd and psilocybin, I induced myself into an altered state of awareness via breathwork, this breathwork ended up lasting for over 2 hours until the ‘sequence’ had finished and incorporated over 50 different methods or styles of breathing to help keep me grounded or conscious enough to remain in the body. (I don’t know more then like 2 techniques so this was deeply interesting)

As this begun my body began spiraling through a 360 degree range of motion which ultimately was an unwinding of my body… I have multiple injuries and a fusion in my L5 vertebrae to one side of my pelvis so I take bodywork and health pretty seriously..

At one point I was hanging off the side of the Ute, upside down with two friends holding my legs as they helped me for the first time open up my spine an fusion in such a way that I couldn’t normally or naturally do myself.

I realised I had to get on the ground and keep doing the work…. The breathwork was so intense that at points I was like roaring with my face in the dirt whilst I was stretching through the ‘sequence’… it was really fascinating because whilst I was 100% conscious of every single aspect within my environment, I was barely able to keep hold of my attachment to body…. I had to constantly fight to stay within this realm of awareness and if you could imagine a body stretching on the ground methodically for like two hours slowly unlocking through each restriction.. each injury.. it was really confronting for others around me.

My muscles would stretch until they where at full capacity and with full mobility and rang of motion, if you could imagine every single position you could think to put your body through… I had to work through that… there was this one point where my left leg was being raised and was being pulled by what felt like LITERALLY THE UNIVERSE… it’s not as if I wanted to continue the sequence at times…. It was so completely fatiguing but I resolved with spirit to take control into healing process. My body was being contorted and pulled through the spiral and it was at that moment that I realised and understood what Leo had said about the “placing of the hand in the fire analogy”… like I felt unlimited with strength and courage and that the higher purpose of unlocking the body at the sacrifice of the hand (if it was to pass through a fire throughout the “sequence”) would be a beautiful and painless thing to obvserve.

Before I came to that realisation there was a barbed wire roll, rolled up on its side about 2 meters from the Ute on the ground, it was dark and I didn’t know it was there when I got off the Ute initially to stretch… but basically my hand snaked it’s way inbetween all of the wires and barbs whilst it continued its stretching sequence spiral in the dirt… people where freaking out but I was so highly conscious in that state that I didn’t get one graze on my skin, even when people tried pulling me out.. it was strange that my body couldn’t be touched or removed from its process.

So yeah when I finally understood that I could allow spirit to take control of my body and irregardless of what was occuring external to my being.. I would be fine… it was the most powerful experience I’ve had with spirit thus far, my body has unlocked another level or tier of capability and with the all of the knowledge I gained from the experience it’s made me respect spirits infinite knowledge… I kept repeating to myself “only spirit could understand me this well’.





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