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How can I cultivate this non-symbolic knowing? To be more precise: How do I cultivate a state of mind which allows this knowledge and understanding to flow into me, because I do realize on some level that understanding and knowing aren't things that you do.

@DefinitelyNotARobot Read the book of not knowing by Peter Ralston.


  • All-day-all-circumstance honesty
  • Honesty keeps the left hemisphere checked
  • Inspect and deconstruct culture like a madman. Culture is not "out there" in the cinema, but in here, between your ears and runs your life for you.
  • Be a gardener of your own mind, snip the concepts that do not serve you
  • Use your feelings to guide you, when you understand something truly, you feel joyful and extatic.
  • This one is obvious, what you want is the thing itself, not a description of it (unless you are communicating).
  • You've got the thing when you can "grasp" it - physically, or mentally, and interact with it effectively.
  • Keep your questioning relevant and grounded in your practical pursuits
  • Question everything you feel to be relevant, even/especially philosophy. Make philosophy relevant and practical.
  • When you listen others, or learn, try to recreate the interior of the other's mind and inhabit it.
  • Start with what you know, ask questions (or do it) until it leads you into the unknown and stay there in openness until it becomes known again. Rinse and repeat.
  • Do not expect your questions to stop, even when you are content. What you aim for is peace and familiarity with turning the unknown into the known and known into unknown. This will always be unpleasant, but you can learn to be peaceful.
  • This peace is groundedness in the world and it happens when you learn enough.
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Bearing with the conditioned in gentleness, fording the river with resolution, not neglecting what is distant, not regarding one's companions; thus one may manage to walk in the middle. H11L2

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